Comic-con has come and gone, and Io9 has selected winners and losers from the event, Machinima has the top ten reveals, and Talk Nerdy With Us ranks the trailers.

 Talk Nerdy With Us was not particularly impressed with Kong: Skull Island.  The King Kong reboot didn’t make Io9‘s list of winners and losers, but in a different post the site seemed fairly optimistic about the movie.  Meanwhile, IGN posted a deeper look at the trailer, and an interview with the cast and director of the monster flick.

The Wonder Woman trailer seemed to be one of the more universally praised things to come out of the convention, with Io9 saying it was better than even their wildest dreams.  The news that Adam Wingard, from You’re Next and The Guest, was directing a Blair Witch sequel was met with a more mixed reaction, but I09 was also quite pleased with what they saw of it.

The upcoming Zach Snyder directed Justice League movie got good buzz from the con, though probably many people won’t get their hopes too high up before actually seeing the whole movie.

The upcoming time travel TV shows featured at the convention, Frequency and Time After Time, didn’t get much hype, with Io9 giving a slight edge to Frequency.  Slash Film was a bit more optimistic, saying that the concept of Frequency will keep the viewers from leaving while the show works out the kinks, and that the final twist of Time After Time suggests the show will be better than the generic retelling of the movie that takes up most of the pilot would suggest.  Honestly, I don’t think it’s particularly fair to judge either show based on the pilot, which in both cases seems to basically repeat the story beats from the original movie.  The question is how the shows will turn a two hour story into something that can sustain multiple seasons of television.  I’m more optimistic about Time After Time, thanks to that final twist, which I revealed back in my post looking at all the ABC pilots, but only time will tell how these shows ultimately fare.

Published by Andrew Clendening