I think that I’m learning, I think that we all are.
We’re falling and failing and finding ourselves,
Desperately attempting to assemble lives we’d admire in somebody else,
Stealing bits of personality and vernacular and stitching them onto our skin.
We’re taking hits we don’t have to, while we’re still young and able to bounce back,
Still entitled to rose colored glasses,
Stretching our hearts, so when the big stuff comes,
Or rather, more big stuff at once, we can handle it.
And yeah we’re dumb, but so were you, and so are you,
Naivety doesn’t discriminate, it’s in all of us,
Because at our core we’re all still mostly good, mostly hopeful.
Cynicism is exhausting and just another weight you’re choosing to carry,
On bones that ache in bad weather.
I think that I’m coming to terms, I think that we all are,
With things we shut in closets and didn’t want to face.
With parts of our parent’s personalities we swore we wouldn’t inherit.
I think that we’re growing up, growing in,
Into ourselves and into this world.
Trying haircuts we shouldn’t and kissing people we won’t marry,
Writing sappy poems and listening to shit music,
Trying to make sense of it all.
And it’s okay, it’s so so okay.
There hasn’t been a person on earth who hasn’t done this,
In their own way, in their own time, with the same old shortcomings,
It’s just all been remodeled a few times over.
So do stupid things, feel inflated feelings and care way too much,
Because there’s no better time for it than now.
You’ll build your own quiet legacy along the way.

-Alexandra MacMIllan, August 5 2016

Published by Alexandra MacMillan