Leviticus 23

God loved his people so much that he established memorial days that they might focus in on who He is and His provision for their every need. The seven feasts all pointed to Christ who was yet to come because the fullness of times had not yet occurred. They all point to God’s eternal plan to be completed at His appointed time and, although as NT believers, we are not responsible to keep them, to explore them is to enhance our faith. Only in the NT are we commanded to keep the Lord’s Supper as a way of remembering Jesus Christ as our perfect sacrifice.

The Hebrew word for “feasts” is (moadim) and means “appointed times.”  They reveal God’s story of the plan of redemption of the Son of God’s death and resurrection and the promise of his future coming. The one requirement for all is that we see them as a sacred observance. We are to honor the Lord as his called sanctified saints and should be done in holiness and reverence.



Published by Gaye Austin