Curtains were essentially made for privacy and to protect the interiors from the outdoors. Commercial spaces like hotels, departmental stores, offices, and hospitals are users of the curtains for several purposes. Cinemas and theatre are another places where curtains are extensively used. These curtains are large in size and have thicker material owing to the use it is put to. Commercial curtains in the theatre are used to divide the stage or hide the background from the audience view whereas in a hotel a curtain is used for privacy and décor. Thus, commercially curtains have versatile usage

Curtains are being used since ancient times but were definitely not of the design and texture today. In place of fabric, animal hides were used as curtains. But these curtains were purposed for privacy, asserting boundaries and keeping the room warm. Later, cloth-like linen and flax were used for making curtains. Samuel Scottron was the one who invented the curtain rods in 1880. The evolution of curtains saw quite a change when glass doors and windows came into use. Earlier, bathrooms had bath curtains made of fabric but with the time shower curtains were invented which does not soak water and dry easily.

Commercial Curtains And It Uses

Blackout curtain is the type of commercial curtains that completely blocks any light entering through the door or windows. These are made with the fireproof material. In order to fit the windows and doors, the size specification needs to be given to the store and a customized size can be made to meet the requirement. These curtains have stainless steel grommets to hang the hook and are broader than the track size so that it blocks the light completely. Another option in blackout curtains is commercial blackout roller shades. It is made of super vinyl and blocks not only the light but also the heat emitted from the Sun. Simple mounting brackets, end caps or fascia are some of the installation choices for the blackout shades. These shades are made from room darkening fabric and coated with fiberglass on both sides. The durable material makes it fade and mildew resistant. The blackout shades have an aluminum fascia in a durable anodized aluminum.

These Commercial Curtains And Shades Are Used In

#1 Laboratories: Laboratories need curtains that control light. 

#2 Corporate Offices: The corporate offices and warehouses need blackout curtains or shades. The shades are very useful in office rooms to block heat and light. 

#3 Photography Studios: The blackout curtains have the double bottom and side seams so that the light can be blocked completely. 

#4 Universities & Stadiums: Universities require blackout commercial curtains in the laboratory whereas the stadiums need extra large size curtains. 

#5 Military And Police: Even military and police have labs with special equipment that require blackout shades or curtains. 

#6 Hotels And Restaurant: Fancy places like a hotel or a restaurant opt to have designer drapery and blackout draperies for decorating and other purposes. 

#7 Departmental Stores: Some stores have storage facility which requires blackout curtains. In the main storeroom mostly blinds and shutters are used for privacy. 

There are various options for material and fabric. I searched online, you can find the curtain in cheap price. The quotes can be obtained on request and upon selection, quick and easy installation follows.  These websites require specification of the curtain and selection of fabric to display quotes. In order, the installation takes up to two to three days. If working with a vendor or interior designer, then it is good to explore all options and get complete information on the product before investing.

Published by Zoe Sewell