Hiring a good lawyer is one of the best decisions you can make when getting divorced. Hiring the right attorney will ensure that the process runs smoothly. On the other hand, the wrong attorney will leave you feeling like you are fighting two battles; one with your spouse and the other with the lawyer. This is not something you want to deal with amidst the emotions that come with divorce proceedings. Avoiding the following mistakes will help you hire the best lawyer for your needs.

Picking the wrong kind of lawyer

Prior to starting your search for a good lawyer, you must first determine what kind of divorce process you want. If you are going for the uncontested divorce and you hire a shark lawyer, things will get sour really fast. The case is the same if you hire an attorney trained in collaborative law. The entire case will be collaborative. If you have a spouse that is unreasonable, then hiring a shark divorce lawyer will make sense when you move to court. The worst mistake you can make when it comes to contested divorce is that of hiring a negotiator who never tries cases. The rule of thumb is to hire alawyer who is experienced in the kind of divorce process that you need.

Hiring a lawyer who doesn’t specialize in divorce law

This is a no brainer. If he doesn’t specialize in family law, the attorney you hire will be incompetent to take on your case. When searching for the top divorce lawyers in Houston, you don’t want to deal with ones who only take occasional divorces on the side. You want someone who works as a family lawyerfulltime. That way, you will get a lawyer who not only knows the law but also the judges. Judges are human and if your lawyer cannot predict what the ruling will be, the outcome will not be as good. If you work with a lawyer who appears before a certain judge all the time, the lawyer will be able to persuade the judge better since he knows what infuriates the judge.

Choosing a lawyer that is too busy

Yes, having many clients is a good thing since you know the attorney is highly sought after. However, if the attorney has too many clients, he will not offer the attention you need. If he will not have time for you and this will hurt your case. After the initial appointment, call the lawyer after business hours and leave a message. Check how fast the lawyer responds and whether he contacts you directly or uses his secretary.

Other mistakes you need to avoid include:

  • Hiring an attorney known to be an emotional wreck
  • Ignoring your gut feeling
  • Failing to hire an attorney with technical expertise that is needed in your case
  • Failing to understand the fee agreement
  • Believing the lawyer will solve all your problems

Avoiding the aforementioned mistakes will put you on the right track when searching for an attorney. Never be in a hurry to bring an attorney on board. Weigh your options keenly before making your final choice.



Published by Lucy Jones