I am in the progress of starting up a new support group for young girls within my community, addressing issues of anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and peer pressure. I got the word out through social media and through the local newspaper. I tried holding a information day for the new support group, unfortunately no one turned up. I was gutted but at the end of that if these girls are feeling low in confidence they are not going to be willing to come up to me straight away, I need a new approach which I am still working on, it knocked me but I will never give up on this. 

Since my idea and passion for this new support group I have had unbelievable amounts of support from everyone. Mostly family, friends and others in my community telling me what I am doing is great and helping me every step of they way. I have also been contacted by various support groups that I was not aware existed until now. The main reason I was starting this support group was because I was not aware of other groups, I googled, I looked over social media, I asked people, I searched newspapers. I could not find them, maybe this is something to consider from these groups, to get the word out more. 

These groups who have reached out to me have been very supportive offering their support, offering to work with me and help in anyway they can. This is amazing! It really shows how supportive the community can really be, I always felt a lack of community of where I live, probably because I have never really been involved with it. Now I am becoming part of it and it means so much to me, I am not going to give up!

I am meeting with various groups over the coming weeks in hope to help them and lend my knowledge and skill set so that even if I cannot start my own group, I can help theirs and change young girls lives that way. It is a shame, as I would love to be responsible for my own group, but this doesn't mean I will not help other groups in any way I can. 

Upon being in contact with these groups I want to spread the word about what they offer. One group even offers support for MALES. Yes males! I was very impressed and I am very eager to get involved. Please check them out and show some love, let people know, as I think confronting male mental health is pinnacle in breaking the stigma that surrounds mental health. The link below is specific for males and offers amazing resources and opportunities. 


Another support group I have found offers support for young girls and young women, they even offer a summer camp option! I was blown away, hopefully one day when I do get a group started I will be able to offer various things like this! So check it out:


It is so important to stay connected with your own community and find out what is going on with it. Maybe I did not do the proper research I should have but I am happy all the say that I have found out about all these groups. Please, connect with your community and lend a helping hand it is such a rewarding experience giving something back, making you feel really connected to people. 

Published by Katy-Jane Pitt