Every day we use this oral tool to pass along knowledge; news; excitement; inspiration and even gossip. A simple way of expressing what our emotions are withholding. There are things that need to be passed along floating around like a big glob of glue; only being passed to those whom selfishly keep it to themselves; allowing others to be in harms way without any explanation as to why, what or even when; doing so subsiding them to fail; without allowing them to first accomplish what it is they need. Just as they would if they knew of the information beforehand.

Leaving them dangled; hanging from an empty wall, with no sense of direction.

How can we allow them to defend their selves if we couldn’t even do it ourselves?

It’s the same as watching someone die; knowing they will die, and still doing nothing about it.

Not passing along information can be that deadly. Let’s continue to break the chain of withholding information; the curse of not knowing or even being misinformed.

We must come together especially when the enemy wants us apart. Being apart makes it that much easier for the evil spirit to devour us. We must stand together on one accord; by doing so communicating in every aspect of life. Whether it be at work, school, home, relationships, or even a drive through window. We must learn to past information around that is going to help others in a positive way (just as if you were spreading the gospel) Communication is the key to this breaking of chains. Let’s do it; let’s break the chain!!

Published by Cierra Nicole Crews