I have up loaded a picture of the dinosaur at the entrance to Naracoorte in South Australia. He stands very tall and invites people into the country town. Naracoorte Caves National Park is South Australia's only World Heritage site. It preserves Australia's most complete fossil record for the past 500000 years. It is located in the Upper South East of South Australia known as the Limestone Coast. 

We live in the Limestone coast and it is known for it's wine regions in the Coonawarra, and has an international showcase of wineries, cellar doors and places to taste great wines which have won numerous prizes. It has the Saint Mary Mackillop Penola Centre, the place where she founded her work and educated children without fear or prejudice, she believed and taught education was for all children not only the sons and daughters of the wealthy within the town. It is here the Sisters of St Joseph Order was created and flourished.

Mount Gambier has the Blue Lake which is a large monomictic crater lake located in a dormant volcanic maar associated with the Mount Gambier maar complex. IT has a fantastic walking path around it and everyday you will find some one walking the edge to gauze at it's beauty and enjoy the out doors.

To get to these areas you must drive past Keith our local town, you can head towards the coast or continue on through to Melbourne. we have some of the best farming land in South Australia, known as one of the biggest Lucerne producers in the world. The town is becoming known for it's Diesel & Dirt Derby which last year alone brought 3 times the population int for the weekend to be part of it. It truly is a weekend to enjoy, something for all the rev heads in us. It has a Header demolition Derby, Circle work, tractor pull, monster trucks, side shows, an old Centurion tank that has been restored and now is used to run over cars and crush them and coming this year Jet boat sprint races.  See a day for all, and if you are thinking of coming in 2017 it is on 25th march book early as most accommodation places book out quick.

In thinking of our country town one must include one of it's biggest attractions and that is this show. It's open to all ages, safety and security is utmost considered and a group of volunteers spend from one year to the next planning it.

The towns of the Limestone Coast or South east work hard to welcome tourist, visitors and families who move into them. We have a green clean food bowl, where farmers produce some of the best meat in the world, best crops to sell to the world and most country communities give people opportunities to work and be come part of a group and community.

today walking to our letter box, it's about a half a kilometre from the door and return we (the golden retriever) Lewis and I came upon a lizard who had been sunning itself on the fence post. Years ago before becoming a farmers wife I would have made a wide birth from it and recoiled in horror. Now I thought how lucky I was to have my camera phone and it stayed still whilst I took it's photos, then we walked on past.

As farmers we look after all creatures we have here on the property, we don't shoot things because they are not öurs" my husband believes kangaroos, emus, owls, eagles and anything else has the option of sharing our land. Though the introduced species rabbits, mice and snakes aren't that welcome as they create havoc and destroy natural habitat for our free range animals.

When applying to rescue a couple of dogs a while back the form asked me who many animals we had, so I prefaced it with we live on a farm of over 5000 acres we have 4 cats that believe they own the entire house, 3 working cattle dogs (one passed away this year) who live in compounds with beds, shading, baths and live well together, I was raising by bottle 6 orphaned calves, 1 orphanged lamb, a few hundred (thousand) sheep and a couple of hundred cattle (or more). we were rejected as we were told we couldn't make these dogs the number one priority and they deserved better. I know right - then along comes Lewis he is now king of the inside and I still worry those other two are living somewhere in suburbia locked behind gates and I hope they are having a great life. If you had to give away a family member i.e. pet would you refuse to give it to a farmer? if so why?




Published by Robyn verrall