Hi again!

The other day I saw on Facebook that our local council was running an event called 'Screen on the Green', this is simply an open cinema which invited the local community to come and sit together to enjoy a film! The best thing about this event is that it was non-ticketed, and most of all, it was free.

I am from a very small village, however 5 minutes down the road there is a town which has a lot of poverty. Events like this really pull together the people who can't always afford to go to the normal cinema with their children as it's the summer holidays and they're tearing the house apart or they're bored.

The film they were showing was Dirty Dancing, it's the third year its ran and each year they always choose a film that people can jump up and have a dance to when the music comes on! I went with my boyfriend, my sister, her fiancé and their daughter, we took a picnic and it was one of those moments where you sit back and really appreciate where you are in that moment! 

What does your community do to bring together people of all different backgrounds?

L xxxx



Published by Lauren Marie