A compulsion is an irresistible impulse to act. This impulse is usually viewed as irrational and unconventional. But when it comes to breaking the drudgery of the daily grind, is it rational or sane to continue a path which drains you of joy?

Inside exists a fantasy of your life which plays in the background. You steal glimpses of it in more frustrated times or moments when you allow yourself a "What if?". The possibility of fulfillment is there or why else would you have the desire or idea? Even so, somehow you end up talking yourself into resisting the irresistible. Yet the urge is never gone, just pushed beneath responsibilities and sensibilities. Fear and familiarity keeps you locked in place. But you know there's more to life than the 24-hour work-spend rotation of predictable events.

So what if you followed your internal drive to diverge from routine? It doesn't have to be so dramatic you become fearful of taking any step forward. Understand that change arises from small steps as well. A small step can be picking up a passport application, investigating a class which interests you, or joining a group to meet new people.

What is one secret want that compels you to move in a new direction? What steps can you take today to move you in that direction? Tell no one who will dissuade you, but find support from a trusted source or strength within yourself.  And allow your compulsion to move beyond your current state of being to bubble up, surface and take flight.

Thanks and happy routine-breaking!




Published by Bridgette B.