Romans 10:9


That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.


​Since I was saved in 2001 I have heard several different interpretations of this one scripture. Everything from you need to say the words "Jesus Christ is Lord" and then believe God raised Him from the dead to always asking yourself "what would Jesus do?" and believing in the resurrection. As it is obvious from this verse we need to know for sure what the bible says, for if we get this one thing wrong, we can end up loosing our souls. 

​How easy is it for you to submit to others? If you are employed you have no choice but to submit to your employer every day. Submission to your employer ensures food on the table. If you are married you are submitting to your spouse because you know marriage will never work if you do not agree to work together, cooperation in marriage demands mutual submission. But still there is something deep down inside of you that wants to be free, independent and decide everything for yourself. Its a part of human nature to want to be your own lord. 

The Bible turns this around and demands we submit to Jesus in order to be saved. And during the years since my salvation in 2001 I have heard many different explanations why and how we should submit. I have even been warned against submitting to much and told Jesus wants us to be happy, so he stands ready to fulfill our every desire if we just ask. Warning against submitting to Jesus and giving the impression He is a heavenly bellboy is blasphemy. So what does it mean to confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus?

When Jesus came to earth His number 1 priority was to die for our sins. We did not deserve it because we have sinned of our own free will, so we deserve hell. But even so God loves us so much that He gave us the possibility to be forgiven through Jesus. We can never make ourself stop sinning because it is in our nature to sin, its human nature. So we have to admit we can never be our own lords. We cant save ourself and we cant live saved by ourself. It is Jesus who saves us, and who keeps us saved on account of our faith. 

Confessing the Lord Jesus with our mouth is to trust Him. It is to trust Him and His word who says we cant do this by ourself (Romans 3:10) and without Him (John 3:16, Rom 3:22) we are lost. To confess the Lord Jesus is to believe He died for our sins and to keep on believing in what He did for us at the cross. It is to be satisfied with that faith, satisfied with the blood of Jesus each and every day. 

If your faith is in the cross and you keep it there, then you are fulfilling Romans 10:9.


Published by Apostle Ernie