Today’s post is on the power of a new plant based ingredient called CBD.  CBD comes from Industrial Hemp and is proving to be extraordinarily helpful as an anti-inflammatory, for pain control and for eliminating anxiety and stress.  The effects that I have seen with CBD are so strong it would lead people to wonder if the result were actually real.

In order to fully understand today’s post, I would like to quote a portion of an article written in Harvard Magazine.  If you would like to read the whole article you can find it here:

“Two WEEKS INTO Ted Kaptchuk’s first randomized clinical drug trial, nearly a third of his 270 subjects complained of awful side effects. All the patients had joined the study hoping to alleviate severe arm pain: carpal tunnel, tendinitis, chronic pain in the elbow, shoulder, wrist. In one part of the study, half the subjects received pain-reducing pills; the others were offered acupuncture treatments. And in both cases, people began to call in, saying they couldn’t get out of bed. The pills were making them sluggish, the needles caused swelling and redness; some patients’ pain ballooned to nightmarish levels. “The side effects were simply amazing,” Kaptchuk explains; curiously, they were exactly what patients had been warned their treatment might produce. But even more astounding, most of the other patients reported real relief, and those who received acupuncture felt even better than those on the anti-pain pill. These were exceptional findings: no one had ever proven that acupuncture worked better than painkillers. But Kaptchuk’s study didn’t prove it, either. The pills his team had given patients were actually made of cornstarch; the “acupuncture” needles were retractable shams that never pierced the skin. The study wasn’t aimed at comparing two treatments. It was designed to compare two fakes.…researchers have found that placebo treatments—interventions with no active drug ingredients—can stimulate real physiological responses, from changes in heart rate and blood pressure to chemical activity in the brain, in cases involving pain, depression, anxiety, fatigue, and even some symptoms of Parkinson’s.”

In brief, there is a very strong scientific basis for “the placebo effect.”  What that means in the real world of CBD is that with some people, maybe as high as 30%, they will feel positive effects from a product simply because they think they should, regardless of whether the is any CBD in the product, or even if it is made from inferior CBD isolate. 

This can really confound life for the larger majority who are looking for real effects as the fake and inferior products have a tendency to stay around on selves for a long time due to repeat sales from those being influenced by the placebo effect.

You know when the placebo effect disappears?  When you use animal subjects.  I love racehorses as subjects because they get all sorts of things happening to them each day and they just keep on truckin’.  One minor change goes unnoticed and they don’t think something should be causing any specific effect – they are horses!  Plus, they are a high strung group of superiorly trained athletes whose performance is on exhibit for all. 

Since I have been involved in owning and breeding racehorses for over a decade, I know a whole lot of great trainers throughout the US. Recently I sent some Full Spectrum Hemp Oil that was about 12.5% CBD to J. Michael Baird and asked him to give 115 mgs. twice daily to a group of racehorses suffering from anxiety and or inflammation (really, almost all racehorses fit into that group).  That would be the equivalent dose of around 20 mgs. twice daily in a human. 

Now understand, a good racehorse trainer tries so many different things monthly with little change so they are a jaded group to begin with.  They expect a lot of hype and no results.  After 2 weeks I asked Mike to write his experience with the Full Spectrum Oil and this is what he said:

“I noticed an immediate change in my horses as soon as I began feeding them a small amount of the Super Cell Full Spectrum Hemp Oil from Pure Hempology.  First, all of my nervous horses in the barn called down noticeably.  In fact, I have been able to discontinue all my anti-anxiety medications for those horses.   Second, it is definitely the best anti-inflammatory product I have ever seen.  Surprising, I no longer need anti-inflammatories like Bute.  But the effect of the N1 oil on the horses goes beyond these two effects; it has several intangible benefits.  Each horse just seems to do well on it and there is no doubt that they train and race better.  I have also started rubbing strained or injured muscles with CBD Ice from Custom Hempology and I have seen dramatic effects in the reduction of inflammation and conditions such as wind puffs on the ankles.  Super Cell and CBD Ice should be part of every horse owners tack box.”

Bio:  Over the past two decades, J. Michael Baird has been consistently ranked in the top 1 percent of all active thoroughbred horse trainers.  He is closing in on 1,000 winning races.

Mike’s experience has been echoed by other trainers and certainly by me personally and in working with other canine and human subjects.  CBD is the most important health ingredient I have ever seen.

Published by Sadie