Hi, guys! So with it being November and the fact I got paid last week (yeah terrible excuses I know) I decided to treat myself to some of, what I call, my ‘must haves’. My ‘Must Haves’ are essentially things that I think I need such as underwear, body spray, moisturiser … a new coat .. maybe? So without further ado, this is my little November Haul & some feedback on the amazing things I found & bought.

Moisturiser // 


With this cold snap in the air, our skin takes the brunt of it so treat your skin to some much-needed TLC. This Vitamin E pot of goodness applies to the skin beautifully, unlike most moisturiser, it doesn’t leave your skin oily or ridiculously shiny either. It has a lovely smell to it, not too strong and is just a genuinely great thing to have as part of your skincare routine.  I absolutely love this moisturiser, subtle for all skin types you can bag this little beauty from The Body Shop for £18.00 for 100ml. 


FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Who doesn’t love a good highlighter? I know I do! –  I contour every day, highlighter can sometimes be a little bit dull & pale and sometimes even wash you out. What I love about the Gosh Lumi Drops is that that it’s an illuminating highlighter – that literally all you need is a drop or two and it honestly gives you that glow you’ve been searching for. Radiance is the only way I can describe this and you can own it yourself for a nifty little £7.99! Bargain.


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Okay so, any excuse to buy cute underwear in my opinion & when you’re walking through town and you wonder into Boux Avenue & see an offer on- how could I refuse?! 7 pairs for £21 – I could hardly say no. If you don’t shop from Boux Avenue then you really must – I mean who could resist cute pattern such as this! Plus I am an absolute sucker for anything gingerbread related…

Body Mist//


This is something that is always on my ‘must have’ lists! I used to wear Victoria Body Spray (body spray which I wear for work usually) BUT I had to throw that away at the airport because airports suck. SO I’ve been on the hunt ever since so introducing the Frosted Berries Shimmer Mist, its indulgent smell will keep you feeling Christmassy even though all the cold dark days!


also, did I mention it shimmers? Look how lovely it is 

Winter Coats//

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Something this has been on my list since the weather started getting cold. Now, I love my coats, I have long ones, leather ones, camel ones, quilted ones – the list goes on Yet the only one I don’t have, is a water-resistant coat with a hood. This meant very cold walks to work plus very wet walks with the dog. (I legit walk everywhere aka as much as my Fitbit tells me to) I found this absolute bargain on a coat in H&M and I just HAD to have it. Padded and snug, for me this is the perfect coat – and just look at the colour. For only £29.00! Click the link to see what it looks like on – I would photograph myself but i’m not quite there yet – the website only shows it in black but you can get it in store in this lovely royal purple/plum, green, blue and black. 

Advent Calendar//

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Holidays are coming! After writing my previous blog post ‘a present for me’ i had big decisions about which advent calendar I was going to get this year – after much consideration, I’ve gone for the Hotel Chocolat Caramel advent calendar. I can’t wait to dig in! Bring on December hehe 

Anyway that’s all my lovelies, thank you ver much for reading and don’t forget to follow – i hope this has inspired you to treat yourself once and a while – even if it is Christmas


Love Flo x

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