I After three years of being at uni, I'm slowly realising that everything I was told in high school about this magical phase of my life hasn't really happened. Every time I mention something that I love, or complain about something that I hate, someone will always go on to say that I'm crazy. But hey, that's ok! I'm finally starting to embrace these abnormalities! Here's a list of my confessions:

1) I love the mornings.

I love everything about the morning! I love the feeling of being the first one to wake up. I love the smell of shampoo as I run through the neighbourhood. I love the morning fog. This is also the time where I'm the most productive, so who cares what other people think? You know yourself the most, so wake up whenever you feel like it.


2) I have never deliberately skipped a lecture or a tutorial before.

I have to admit. This is probably my proudest confession. Sure, you can listen to all your lectures online, but I always thought of it this way: by the time you listen to it online for the first time, I'm using the lecture recordings as a way of REVISION. When you listen to it the second time, it'll be my third time of revising the lecture content. No matter what you think you might know, we will always be one step, three steps- seven steps ahead of you (Thanks 'Now You See Me' for this wonderful quote!).


3) I don't enjoy going to parties.

I know I know. You're probably thinking that I have no friends, but I actually feel so blessed to have the most beautiful people around me. For me, I just don't like crowds, with all the noise that comes with it. As long as your friends understand that, you shouldn't feel obliged to go to parties (excluding the most dear ones, of course).

17965173_10210549100538806_406971795_n.jpg Going for walks instead of partying

4) I have never pulled an all-nighter before.

This comes down to organisation. Organisation is everything at uni! My assignment plan goes like this: start researching 4 weeks before the due date, write 3 weeks before the due date (this may bleed into just 2 weeks beforehand), 1-2 weeks for editing (this includes sending the assignment to at least 3 people to proofread), hand the assignment in about a week before its due date. Voila! No need to ever pull an all-nighter to finish an assignment.

IMG_5826 Sunset time= time to go home

5) I'm not actively involved in clubs on campus.

I have lots of friends who loved the social life on campus, so they'd try to get leadership positions for their clubs. My reason for not doing this is that I do a lot of things outside of uni, and it's my decision to do so.



6) I'm not living on two-minute noodles.

I'm lucky enough to still live at home, which means that occasionally my parents would kindly cook for me, but when they don't, I still have a firm belief that eating healthy is one of the most important things to help you succeed. While I'm not a health freak who counts how many calories I've eaten, I do make sure that I eat enough foods from each food sources. I think food is probably one of the things that you should not be stingy on- two-minute noodles are cheap and fast, but it's not worth it for your health down the track.


7) I don't nap.

I always find that if I get enough sleep, I can actually make it through the whole day without feeling that post-lunch slump, so sleep is definitely my No.1 priority if it means I can be efficient for longer during the day.


8) I've never stayed up till ridiculous hours to watch movies or TV shows before.

Like I said, I'm not a night person. I'm also not a binger. I get really bored after watching two episodes of any show. I choose to moderate my pace, rather than binge on it, and that's totally ok!

[caption id="attachment_979" align="alignnone" width="1136"]IMG_1571 Waking up early for walks

9) I've never left my assignment till the last day before its due date.

This goes back to Confession No.4.  With decent organisation skills all thanks to having a cute Kikki K diary, you shouldn't have to leave an assignment until the day before its due date.

FullSizeRender[1].jpg Study space

10) My student loans aren't piling up.

Part of my budgeting involves paying my HECS while I'm still at uni, and this involves making sacrifices like not eating out in order to pay all this money back. For me, any interest is an interest that I know I can avoid, so why cop it?

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 11.55.56 pm

Share your confessions below! I'd love to hear them and know that there's more than just me who's weird.


Note: This article has been directed copied from my blog at https://youngoldtraveller.wordpress.com/2017/07/10/confession-of-an-atypical-uni-student-part-2

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