I hate you!! I seriously hate you…Why did you do this to me??
I am not kidding around..I mean it!!
You have completely made me different…So different!
I am no longer in my world framing my kingdom where everything is under my control..
Don’t when you came in my way and turned my walk into yours!
Now all of a sudden I started seeing you in mine than me..
Simply I am thrown in you!!
Here is where I cited my concern on self…
I love to see individuality but I attained a stage where I want you to remind my responsibilities and indeed demanding on it!
I have taken you granted not even knowing if you like it or not!
I truly don’t what you feel for me! But to me, you are perfect and special..
At times mad too
I feel low seeing you so…but I have no alter as like I wish to see you in and out!!
Whole and sole…
I am concern-less on how you take me when I act little different with you..
As like it gives me pretty nice feel that remarks…
Close enough to fight and argue…
As I do that only with someone special….

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Published by Pranavya Mandapati