Social media has become almost a necessity for us, in today’s world. It’s become so important and evolved so much, that we carry our social media with us throughout the day, on our phones. Is it important to stay connected at all times, though?

The definition of social media can be meant in business context, and in personal relationships. One of the major benefits of social media is that you can connect with people all over the world, for free. This comes in handy if you have friends who have traveled abroad, or rather who are out of your locality reach. We use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms to find out what our friends and relatives are doing so far.

Are they living their lives happily? Is my long-time buddy just got married? How about my college classmate, who is going to expect her birth labour and arrival of her new baby? We can even observed happy and sorrowful moments over Facebook. So much that our generation (and younger) are well-exposed  to technology as compared with older adults, social media users under the age of 50 are especially likely to say that these tools help them keep up with existing friends and reconnect with old ones. The more I felt that, folks above the age of 50s, do make a point to tap on social media platforms to connect with their old friends.

What really motivates me to write this post, is to dedicate to an old family friend who has been trying to search for my late dad for the past 10 years. My family and I only known him as 'Mr Ang'.

My father passed away in August 2007, in Vietnam. Being a businessman, he was well-connected with partners in his expert grounds and industry. Ang is a good friend of my father's, a dedicated man who always helps in my dad's matters. Many years back, Ang knew that my dad worked in Vietnam (for 15 years) and he has been reaching out in contact with my dad, without knowing my dad's passing that year. For the 10 years, he has been calling to my dad's office overseas number, resident areas, but to no avail. 

Just yesterday, he finally got through to my home phone number and my mum picked up the phone. Ang said that he was missing my dad for many years, and wished to catch up one day over a cup of coffee or dinner. My mum then disclosed to Ang that he has already passed away for almost 10 years. Ang was actually thinking  that she was joking on the phone, and even thought that my parents are divorced, and that instigated my mum to say that my dad was dead. To cut the story short, Ang took about 30 minute to accept that he has already lost a good friend, my late father. He wept on the phone and sent his warm regards to my family before ending the phone conversation. 

After hearing this from my mum last night, I can't help but to put myself in Ang's position. Will he be better reached with social media? Perhaps, my late dad's partners might have LinkedIn profiles, that maybe Ang was able to find my dad's whereabouts from them virtually? 

Speaking about making an impact in someone else's lives, how did we make our presences known on social media? While I know right now, Mr Ang is still probably grieving on my dad's passing, we may still think that our older folks, who has been living in the stone age era, doesn't like to rely on technology as it is hard for them to shift mindsets. How about us, the current generation, to educate and help them find their lost connections for them virtually? 

Whatever it may takes, we would all love to stay connected with everyone we know, through social media. 

Published by Derek Yang