Thoughts sometimes overwhelm me, but I do exactly nothing to stop them.

Have you ever thought about your unconscious? Like you do a lot of things just according to it. Sometimes you can hear a slight silent voice in your head (or is it schizophrenia then?) telling you, what to do in exact situations.
Are you asking if it’s a good thing to listen to it? I don’t really know, because a lot of people are saying that it’s not particularly the best thing. But okay, other half have a pretty different opinion- that when you listen to the back voice, incredible things can happen.
Is it really like that?

It is the mild whispering in your head:
,,Just take the step, nothing bad’s gonna happen..”
,,Write it, because why not?..”
,,Say it, you won’t have another chance next time…”

The truth is, that most of the times we won’t get another chance next time. So if you think of something important for you to say to somebody, don't hesitate that much, don't be scared, because next time, may be too late.

My opinion? Your unconscious is like the well- imagine an old stone well overgrown with weeds, situated in the middle of woods (like Lord of the Rings style or something)- a lot of mind stuff is falling down there but only sometimes some things float to the top. Most of the time everything stays at the bottom. From all the vicious shit that you’ve ever done to the best things you’ll never forget.

Sometimes people have a tendency of burying things to the very back of their minds. Possibly the things they really wanna forget, but after some time, those exact things will make the grand appearance in the worst situation possible. And then you think about it not knowing what to do. Twisted life.

Well well well, running in front of the things we’re afraid the most is kind of a common thing for a lot of people.
Running to the woods like these, because you feel safe there.
Because you can breathe there even though you feel bad inside and the wrong stuff that happened still haunts you till this day.
Is it like that with everybody?
Or is it just a feeling?

Your unconscious will tell you when the right time will come. You'll hear it if you allow yourself to hear it.
Because it’s you and it will always be you.
Don’t ever forget about it.


Published by Nina S