Auckland, New Zealand offers businesses so many reasons to open. With government incentives that encourage and promote business through funding and grants, the city is a place where industry is supported. Furthermore, the city’s business climate is a warm one that focuses on creating the most nurturing environment for work.

When it comes to coworking, Auckland is one place where diversity not only exists, but also coworking spaces are beginning to branch out and evolve into spaces that cater to a number of business needs. Finding your space in an environment where spaces, regardless of the size, spring up in demand for a different need is not difficult when armed with a little information.

Keep reading to learn more about what you might find while coworking in Auckland.

Coworking Space Diversity

The rate of coworking spaces is growing rapidly in the city in response to the demand from various industries that comprise the region. In the last few years in response to demand and interest, Auckland has seen the rise in coworking spaces that meet the needs of private interests but also the needs of non-profit organisations. Projects ranging from creating coworking spaces solely devoted to opportunities for collaboration among academics, creators, and philanthropists to those that can house a number of non-profits are a part of the evolving Auckland business scene.

Another type of coworking space you might encounter is the type that focuses on lifestyle within the professional setting. Because coworking professionals spend an inordinate amount of time working, amenities that make work comfortable like having a gym or better yet a place to shower and change are becoming a part of the menu. Ultimately, those looking for workspace in the city in terms of coworking will find there is a lot of different types of spaces available.

Area Of Focus

When looking to join a coworking space, professionals should pay attention to a few factors. The first thing relates to the space’s ability to function as a workspace. Because coworking is a very social concept, it easy to get pulled into the whole idea, but ultimately, you want a space where you can work. Prospective coworking professionals should take into consideration whether the space is conducive to work. Important amenities include reliable access to the internet, access to conference and meeting rooms, and support staff that can help your business with its needs. Then, check out any amenities that might fit in with your professional life, for example, daycare and other conveniences.

Then, check out the business community. Because coworking’s mission is collaboration, a great part of getting to that point of team building with others includes social interaction. Look at what types of activities the space offers because many of them offer formal networking opportunities, but some of them place great emphasis on informal events. Barbecues, movie nights, and other social activities are the glue that hold the community together, and more importantly, give you the chance to make the kind of connections you need to collaborate and raise your business’s profile.

Business Culture

Understanding Kiwi culture is important to making connections in the coworking space. Essentially, many New Zealanders take their social cues from the Maori culture, which is non-confrontational and not aggressively competitive, which makes it a pleasant environment. In business, the environment is similar in that it promotes harmony among workers.

Kiwi Coworking In Auckland

Coworking in Auckland presents businesses with an amalgam of experiences. As the head of your business, you can simply use the space to work. If you want to promote your brand, you can engage the larger community to do so. As an entrepreneur, you can grasp at any and all of the potentially lucrative opportunities that exist in the city. Coworking Auckland, with all of its opportunity, can be a place where your business reaches new heights.  

Published by Sarah Williams