With all of the spending we've done as a population I think it's time to go in depth about saving our money as opposed to the consumption of it. Now I'm no expert with this subject but one thing I've realized and accepted is how I personally have a problem with saving my money. After reading books, blogs and tips on saving, it's time to write about all of it. Maybe it'll help because you get to view this topic from my perspective and perhaps compare it to the way you'd deal with it.. I hope it helps!


First off, if you don't have a job then how are you going to make your money???

Parents? Buying and selling? Investing in shoes or clothes? There are different ways to make money and here's one thing I've learned- straighten up, dress your best and apply for a lot of positions. It may take a long or a short time, but believe me, it'll eventually happen. Many people my age find it hard to obtain a position for a company but don't worry! I've been there not too long ago and trust me, the wait is well worth it. However, while some are eager to find one, others are hesitant to find one because of school- also a common issue among individuals within my age group. Then there are others who invest in clothing and footwear which usually results in a lot to little to no profit. If you are planning on going in that direction, I advise you to be knowledgeable enough about the market in order to make as much profit as possible. For those in search of jobs, keep trying my friends, because you will land a job soon. 


Now that you're making money, will you save or spend???

This is also a very common issue amid individuals not only within my age group but with many others.  Saving is easy, believe it or not-  most of the time it's usually just the person with the spending problem. I believe a lot of us are familiar with impulse purchases. We. Have. To. Stop. Buying. On. Our. Impulses. Really. It'll help us a save a shit load of money in the future and will teach us more about our spending habits and how less is more. Less is more. Think about that. Stop for a minute and look around you. Is that enough?? It probably is if you're able to read this blog. Anyways, my point is that saving isn't hard at all, it's all a matter of appreciation for what you already have around you. Fortunately, I've realized that and I now have a completely different stance on money and how to handle it. 


One thing I've realized too late..

I'm sure many of you have had the same problem as me or maybe you know how to use one properly- if you haven't noticed by now, I'm talking about credit cards. Credit card debt is a pain in the ass. Spending money you don't have is how my mother briefly explained it to me. Eventually, I took advantage of the "money I didn't have" and now I am in a ditch I wish to get out of soon enough. A lesson was learned though, as per usual. Credit cards are ONLY FOR EMERGENCIES. Can't stress that enough so I thought all caps would knock some sense into you. Please, do not apply for a credit card if you have intentions of making online purchases.. It's a trap card you do not want to encounter. 


Maybe this isn't enough, but I feel like I should save more for later. I mean, less is more right? With that being said, I hope this helps a ton. More than it should've. Like always, if there is somebody you think who needs to read this, share it with them and discuss it with them, so you can learn a thing or two from each other. I'll be writing about this soon, so until then- cheers and have a great night. Feel free to share, like and follow! I haven't been writing much lately but I promise you guys I will get back on track. Thanks for reading!

Take a moment to realize what you have around you. Ask yourself, how hard is it to save? What can you do to save? There's some food for thought. 


Published by Antonio Velarde