I can relate to Moses…okay, not in the I’ve saved an entire people…or stood up to a king…or seen a burning bush…but I can.

But, I get the impression that Moses developed into kind of a control freak.  By the time they got of Egypt, he was trying to do it all.  It wasn’t until his father in law (Jethro) told Moses that he needed to delegate that Moses relinquished some control and responsibilities (Exodus 18).

Sometimes, we all need a Jethro to remind us that God didn’t create us to work alone.  We need to rely on Him, yes, but we are also supposed to rely on each other as a community of believers.  Our best work for God is only completed when we are able to work all of our gifts together for His glory.

I am fiercely independent – and pride myself on being so.  And by that I mean I’m really a toddler…I want to do it myself.  It is so hard for me to acknowledge that my best work for God is not done alone.

That doesn’t mean that I can’t work for God in and of myself, we are called to do so.  However, when we can pair with other believers, our work is multiplied.

I’m still learning what exactly this means for me and how this looks.  However, for now, I know it means I have to tear down walls of security and build bonds with others – even when it feels really uncomfortable.

I have to let go of the control freak.

- S

Published by Shauna Tharp and Jessi Vacca