The Bible has so many wonderful promises when it comes to prayer, but so many of these promises has been misunderstood and misinterpreted over the years. I guess we have all read Mark 11:24 and thought to ourself, if I only believe hard enough even the mountains will move and be cast into the sea. And John 14:13 which says whatever we ask for will be done as long as we ask for it in Jesus name.


I was saved in 2001, and since then I have heard a lot of bad teachings when it comes to these two scriptures. Some have promised me wealth and success if I just believed hard enough, others have said that God was obligated to give me wealth, money and success if I just asked for it. These statements have always been backed up with Mark 11:24 and John 14:13.


There is no doubt that God wants us healthy and wealthy, but to make us healthy and wealthy we first have to die spiritually so that Jesus can come alive in us. This can only be done through our continued faith in the blood of Jesus and His death on the cross for us. So by choosing to believe He died for us we are given everything we need for this life and for the next one to come.


So in a way it is true that God promises wealth, success and money, but God has His own definition of success. Success is never an increased focus on us and our personality. We dont deserve anything from God, so God cant give success to us and God does not want us as individuals to succeed in our own plans and schemes for our lifes. And this is where many get it wrong, they believe that because God loves us He has to favour us and give us success in this world. The Bible does not teach that, instead it teaches that we are to die spiritually. We are to let our plans, hopes, dreams die because they are sinful. But when we allow that to happen, we will see God giving us success in a different way. When our focus becomes the death of Jesus for our sins we would naturally want everybody to know about the importance of the death of Jesus and why they to need to die spiritually. (Rom 3:10, Matt 28:19)


When this becomes our priority in life, to tell everybody about Jesus and what He has done for us, then God promises us success by making sure we succeed in spreading the good news about the gospel. That kind of success is guaranteed Gods provision with money to spread the gospel and wealth to do the task. (Psalm 35:27)


So many want to have money, success and become wealthy. But they dont want to serve God. They dont see it as a priority to make disciples because they are not spiritually dead yet. Their own sinful self stands in the way for Gods desire to bless them with everything they need, if they would only choose faith in the blood of Christ.

Having the true righteous faith in the blood of Christ (Rom 3:22) will compel you to want to share your faith with others. Having seen your own sinfulness and your desperate need for the blood of Christ, you will soon see how lost everybody around you are. You will soon see how much they need to hear about the gospel. And then it will not be something you are doing out of duty, it will be something you are doing because the thought that these people you pass on the street could end up in hell is just to much for you to handle. Having tasted the love of Christ for yourself makes you see the love He has for the people around you.


So dont get me wrong, making disciples is not something God blesses just because you are making disciples. You are blessed because of your faith in Christ and His blood, but from that faith comes a deep desire in your heart to make disciples. And that is something God will always bless you with the finances and success that you need to do the job. Because in Gods eyes the true succesful person is the one who wins souls for His Kingdom.


Being righteous through faith in the blood makes you understand prayer in a completely different way. Then it is not about our needs and what we want. We are spiritually dead, then it becomes all about Him and what He wants. And yes sometimes there are mountains standing in the way for our task to make disciples. It could be anything from health issues, family issues to financial problems that are keeping you from going out into the world and making disciples. In Mark 11:24 Jesus promises us that we are given the authority to command these mountains to be moved, if we pray with faith in what He has done for us.


Let me say this in another way, we have been presented with this wrong image of who God is. We have been told that God is all about making disciples but He doesnt care anything about your life and your needs. So we have been told the lie that we are to «suffer for Christ». That is untrue and a huge lie.


If we are concerned with His business which is making disciples, then He promises to take care of our business. (Psalm 35:27, Deut 8:18, 2.Chor 9:8)

As I mentioned earlier, when you have tasted the love of God in salvation and you have seen how important it is to live day by day with the cross as the focus of your faith, it becomes easy to make disciples. Then you would want to make disciples because you would want all other people around you to know and experience what you have gotten to experience. And you know where they are going if they dont hear the gospel and chooses to repent and believe.


So when you are concerned with His business, and you come up against mountains in your life such as health issues, financial issues or anything else that could hinder you, Jesus promises you that if you pray with faith in His death and blood those mountains will be removed no matter what they might be. (Mark 11:24)

Jesus didnt say everything, except the consequences of your sin. He said everything will be removed, after all there are mountains in our lifes that are caused by our own sin. Mountains that have the potential to stop us from making disciples. But Jesus promises us that they as well will be removed, if we only believe in His blood and death.


Each mountain is different, some could be the death of a loved one and help to handle that grief. Sometimes the mountain could be financial issue or health issues. When Jesus died on the cross His death did not only atone for your sins, it gave us everything we need. So Jesus has already given you what you need through His death. You dont have to fight the devil to get your healing, your provision or having your needs met, you have to ask Jesus to give you what He has already provided. So when you come up against a mountain you just have to ask Jesus to remove it. If your faith is in the cross and the blood of Jesus, then you can be sure He will do it because it glorfies Him. (John 14:13)

He is glorified when our needs are met just because of our faith in His death and we didnt do anything except to pray.


If we pray with our faith in the death and the blood of Jesus we can know for sure that He hears our prayers and answers them. (1. Pet 3:12, Psalm 34:17) That makes prayer easy, we dont have to struggle in prayer and we dont have to do spiritual warfare to pray. Prayer is conversation between yourself and your Dad in heaven.


I know not all of you have this experience. Some of you struggle with prayer, and I have been there myself and struggled with prayer. If you struggle with prayer it is because your faith is wrong. If your faith is in anything else then the cross of Christ you have a wrong sinful faith. God cant bless that kind of faith. He can only bless the faith that makes you righteous, He can only hear the prayers of the righteous. And that faith is faith in the blood and the death of Jesus Christ.


Thank you again for taking the time to read todays teaching. I hope it was a blessing to you, and if you have any questions or you need prophecy or prayer, feel free to contact me on e.mail / / through my Facebook page / . Remember it is free of charge, you dont have to pay me any money for prayer or prophecy. You dont have to give me any «love offerings» to ask me a question or to become a member of the online church. So feel free to contact me if you like.

And remember - prayer is easy. 

Published by Apostle Ernie