This time of year there are a lot of birthdays, especially in September. One of the birthdays is my sister's 30th birthday for which she asked me to bake her a cake and a few cupcakes. In preparing for this baking venture, I didn't really stock up on cake-making tools so I went to Bakers Bin again and this time they were a lot more organised and had a lot more stock, so I found a lot of stuff, especially ingredients. Since I go through icing sugar the fastest I bought 10 kgs! A lot more cost effective than buying it 1kg at a time. I also got a nice turntable at Binuns that doubles as a cake stand. It also works nicely for my photographs to place the baked item on. Bakers Bin also had a lot of cute decorating items, so I bought five different colours of sparkly dust, pink roses, pink pearls, small flowers, writing pens, etc. Their jumbo muffin pans are fairly cheap so I finally bought one. I look forward to making jumbo cupcakes. I also got blue velvet, chocolate and vanilla premix. I think using premix will help my costs a bit and since I can't eat my baking anymore (started to diet) I care more about how they look anyway. It should still taste good regardless.

To make her cake, I will have to start practicing cakes so that I know what I am doing for her cake, so in order to prepare for it, I made cookies :P or more specifically "fudge". Yes I know that has nothing to do with cakes, but I used to make the fudge a lot last year and I felt it needed a resurgence. It is a very easy recipe to make and it is super addictive when you eat it. Probably because of the high sugar content. I also made some sugar cookies that I want to try cookie piping with, but I haven't gotten around to decorating them yet. When I finished making the dough for the cookies I realised that I don't have a rolling pin. At first I tried an empty Pringles container but it started bending under the force (yes the force is strong with me) so I used my Spray and Cook can instead. It seemed to work well. I only have two types of cookie cutters, round and a cat shape. I am still trying to find nice ideas on how to decorate the cookies. I had a nice idea that I should try to make my logo (since it is round) on the cookies and use it as marketing material or something. Will still decide what I am going to do. Since I don't want to spend hours again on making my packing, I got these nice small tin bowls with a lid that I will use next time I make milk tart and brown paper bags for the fudge and cookies. I think it worked well and it is a lot easier.

So to actually prepare for the cake I am going to do a cake decorating class on the 24th of August. I am looking forward to learning some new techniques and to reach a more professional level with my baking. People eat with their eyes before they eat with their mouths, so if I can make my baked goods look delicious, I think it will help my sales. I am especially looking forward to learning how to work with fondant. Some of the best cakes I have seen have fondant on them. Exciting times for My Baked Goods.

Published by Nadia Hoffmann