Having a dedicated laundry room makes life easier, no matter if you are doing the laundry daily or weekly. While large laundry areas are fitted with all the conveniences and ample space for storing cleaning utilities that keep the rest of the home uncluttered, small laundry rooms are challenging even for storing laundry essentials. This is where you need to be creative to fit supply storage, surfaces for ironing and sorting, as well as racks and rods for hanging delicate garments. Still, there are tricks to make a small laundry room both functional and stylish.

Organized and elegant

The first idea that crosses the mind is a galley-style laundry room. Putting a sink and the washer at the same wall makes it easier and less expensive to plan plumbing lines. Using wood-finished cabinets is a good way to link this space with the rest of the house. In contrast, glass-faced cabinets allow you to find what you are looking for much easier and make the space look a little more elegant. When you deal with a small laundry area, you may need to sacrifice having wall artwork for using every inch of the wall for storage.  

Sleek transformation

If you are looking to transform your dingy and outdated laundry room into a modern utility space, you have to start from the bottom up. Add wood-panelled walls and enclosed shelves above the washer and dryer, tiled flooring, a concrete vanity countertop, a custom pendant and handcrafted details. This way the space becomes stylish and still retains all its functionality.

Upstairs laundry room

Homeowners who are considering to add a 2nd floor to a smaller house should include an upstairs laundry room in their plan. You can double side the linen closet with a master suite bathroom, so all the clean towels are easily accessible from both sides. Stacked metal shelves are inexpensive and they can hold a laundry basket for every member of the household. Install a custom tile shower pan to catch any potential leaks, as well as to protect the ceiling in the rooms below. Having an adjacent master bathroom makes it convenient to hide a steam generator on a built-in shelf in the laundry room.

Traditional laundry room

A laundry room in a traditional home will benefit from floor storage space for laundry sorting baskets, open shelves and a hanging bar over the washing and drying machines. The timeless design is achieved by blue flat-panel cabinets, grey walls and limestone floor. The contrast between the quality Bosch dryer in white and Formica Laminate Concrete wall is what gives it a snappy look.

Pet-friendly laundry

Warm and dry, a laundry room is the perfect place for your pet’s cosy bedroom. What is more, it can store all its toy and supplies. To make a laundry room pet-habitable, set the laundry station to one side and furnish the rest of the space as a casual mudroom, with a corner for leashes, toys, hats and shoes. Having vinyl flooring makes it easier to deal with muddy shoes, paws and pet accidents.

Farmhouse laundry

Farmhouse-styled homes often benefit from a windowed hallway leading to the master suite. This is a perfect place to squeeze in a laundry closet, leaving the kitchen storage free for the kitchenware. Maximize the space with a countertop above the machines, where you can fold and sort your clothes. A collapsible drying rack and wall storage cabinet complete the inventory. Conceal everything behind a traditional barn door, and plan a big window facing it for plenty of natural light.

People in small houses often have to trade style for function. However, these clever ideas prove the opposite – that you can have a functional, stylish laundry room.


Published by Emma Lawson