Ryan Sheckler and the Sheckler Foundation are proud to announce Coping Mechanism - Coping for DIY Skatepark in New Orleans as it's seventh Be The Change Winner. As the recipient Coping Mechanism will receive $10,000 dollars financial grant from the Sheckler Foundation to continue building the first public skatepark in New Orleans history. It's taken Coping Mechanism two years to get Parasite DIY Skatepark legal all the permits are now in place for it's next build and now Coping Mechanism needs help with a crucial part of the skatepark the coping. Parasite DIY Skatepark is using pool coping because of it's affordability, but the coping has taken a beating, creating an unsafe condition that's almost impossible to fix.

With a $10,000 financial grant and support from the Sheckler Foundation the crew at Copping Mechanism will be able to implement quality steel coping, steel handrails, angle irons and complete other metal work to create a public skatepark in New Orleans that will last for decades and for generations of skaters in New Orleans to enjoy.

Published by Julian Groom