This is something that I have dealt with for quite some time and felt the best way to cope with my anxiety and stress altogether was to take or do one thing at a time and try to maintain positive. Although this philosophy has helped me heaps, I admit that it is not always the best solution. Along those highs and lows, I’ve discovered that there are other ways in which I have been able to cope with my anxiety at a much effective level. I must point out that primarily, my issues are cognitive and behavioral rather than physical.


Just very recently I found myself at the moment where I was not feeling myself and out of place which, for me, usually is the start of it all before it escalates. As my whole being was not at its best, going for a run and working out, which is something I routinely do several times a week, was something I despised thinking of doing at some point that day.

Normally, something in me sparks when I exercise. I release most of my “negative energy”, I tend to see it and refer to it as negative energy, when I am pushing myself hard towards something and placing all my being into achieving my goal, which in this case is finishing my workout sore and tired. Exercising improves my state by helping me relax, see things different once I’ve had time to process and improve that energy.

Taking a “Time Out”

For me this consists of a variation of things that help me temporarily disconnect. Music in both, Spanish or English, at a high volume and headphones have aided me countless times. Although I don’t think I depend on music, I do believe it gives me a sense of belonging and peace.

Stepping out of what I’m facing at a certain moment, sometimes happens when I turn on YouTube and listen to videos of some of the accounts I am subscribed to. Even taking a regular shower stimulates positive and creative thoughts for me, which helps ease whatever I have been feeling prior.

Stepping down from my blog was something I strategically did for this same reason. I believed taking a time out from blogging and social media was a good idea, and it somewhat help. I say somewhat because although it kept me away from being on someone else’s business, not writing much affected me negatively.


Fortunately, for as long as I can remember, I have always been an open person and tend to share an extent of things with my closed ones. Even though at a precise moment where I’m at a bad place it is unlikely that I will reach out to someone as my first method do deal with everything, once I have exercised or taken a time out, I do reach out to someone close to me and open up. Being able to have people close to us that we can trust and rely is so precious and rewarding.

Of course there are various methods aside from these ones that can help cope with anxiety and stress. Everyone is different and everyone has their select methods that help them cope with this. What works for me may not work for you or someone you know that is dealing with anxiety and/or stress. The image below is from the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, which gives some tips that could be very useful to help manage anxiety and stress.

How do you or a loved one cope with this issue?

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Published by Fernanda Guevara