There is a great demand for copper recycling, scrap metal recycling and steel recycling in the current times. This is due to the fact that everyone wants to ‘Go Green’ and conserves the environment. Indeed, it is the hottest trend to show concern towards the environment. If you want to save the planet earth, you may take a few preventive steps, such as picking up copper cans, bottles, useless fixtures and fittings to recycle them. Metal recycling is not only beneficial for the environment but also it is lucrative opportunity to earn money. You may not know that every year nearly tons of metals or scrap metals reach the landfill. To pave the way for better environment, you can opt for recycling.

The best part about copper recycling is that it can inject new jobs. You should know how to deal with metals, drink cans, glass and papers. Drink cans make use of copper and everyday millions of cans are used and thrown off to the grounds. Finally, the cans get covered by earth and hence it makes its way to the landfills. It is important to reduce the copper waste in the first place, reuse copper as much as possible and then recycle it. Electronic items like washing machines, cell phones, laptops, etc, may be reused.

The process of copper recycling

The process of recycling starts from collecting copper wastes like WEEE or Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment that includes stuffs like old taps, electrical cables and gadgets, plumbing pipes made up of copper, etc. The waste is collected and then dismantled. They undergo the process of melting and casting and finally new products are manufactured.

What are the benefits of copper recycling?

Copper recycling offers a series of benefits and some of them are:

  • The harmful effect of copper mining is minimized when you recycle copper. Dust, copper and harmful gases cannot make it to the environment. No harmful gas will be emitted when copper is recycled.
  • If the copper items are not recycled, they may be dumped in street or make their way to the holes. It becomes an expensive affair to get rid of waste material from the landfill.
  • A lot of energy is needed to extract copper from the ore. Recycling of copper uses less energy. This sort of energy saving contributes towards the conservation of environment. It safeguards our resources like coal, gas and oil that are finite natural resources.
  • It also conserves copper ore. Till now, just 12% copper resource is mined. It is important to conserve the ore through recycling as copper is a finite resource.
  • It is far cheaper to recycle copper and manufacture fresh products out of it than bear the mining costs. Manufacturing copper items from recycled copper is 90% cheaper than manufacturing from raw materials.

Where can you find copper scrap?

You can find scrap metal around your house or in your neighborhood. You may collect the cans and bottles thrown like that. Pick up items like appliances, furniture and tree limbs from the neighborhood. Have a look in the back yard, garage and storage units to locate scrap items. There is every chance that you find scrap metals quite easily. Use the computer, monitor and other electronic items if they are of no use. You can also approach people individually in the neighborhood to collect copper cans and other stuffs made from copper. 

You may check with business units undergoing remodeling and the construction sites. By recycling copper, you may also earn a lot of money.

Published by Amelie Lawrence