We all must have had some moments in the past that have transformed into memories for the future. As special events in our life that stay close to us always, these treasured moments can never leave us. Be it our birthday celebration with school friends or long distance picnics with family, be it our graduation ceremony or wedding celebration, be it our first pay check at work or acquisition of a precious asset, every single moment translates into an evergreen memory that lasts for a lifetime. While living in our present, it is extremely essential to make best use of the time in hand. Worrying about the future or regretting about the past leads us nowhere. Instead thoughtful investment into the present can create valuable memories that shall bring a smile on our face.

   As I often tend to live in the future, rather than staying focused in the present, I am reminded about the value of memories by all my loved ones around. Penning down an article over this thought will help me to strengthen the belief, while I shall strive to create more interesting memories for a later day.

       Though we realize the value of these memories during the later stage of life, we often tend to miss the opportunity of creating them. While being occupied with the daily hassles of life, we may not be able to spend our time as desired. This feeling of disappointment and regret can be avoided if we strive to make our moments special. No matter what task we involve into or what commitment we engage in, it essential to pour our hearts and make it memorable. By living life to the fullest, we can ensure some of these aspects. Holding guilt, sorrow, hurt or tension close to our hearts can take away the magic of present day.

      By opening ourselves to the thrill of the present moment, we can remember all these exciting aspects later in life. Temporary distractions and momentary sadness can take away the charm forever. If we think about our experience of school life, we may realize that not a single day must have passed without complaints and wishes to stay away from the strenuous routine; yet when we are forced to step out, we hope to stay, just a little longer. Suddenly every single activity that we detested, every single teacher whom we feared, every single subject that we hated and every single classmate whom we disliked turn into exciting memories. At times like these, we realize the value of enjoyment, while it lasts.

    If we spend our present in a happy, lively and colorful manner, we can expect the future to be filled with fantastic memories to think about. As a valuable capital that will reap several profits in the future, our energetic present will take care of tomorrow.

    One aspect about this moment-memory relationship that always concerns me is the increasing influence of modern devices, social media, internet and a constant urge to stay virtually connected. Instead of enjoying the precious moment in hand, the need to present it to the virtual world may take away the charm of the event. Though posting of photographs and sharing the experience with closed ones are some fun activities that I enjoy too, I believe it can wait for some more time before giving it live! Hampering with the smooth conversion of moments to memories, this impulsive tendency can take away all the joy. This thought calls for our attention, prompting us to extract the best from the current without distracting from the goal.

    Let us frame few pointers that can prompt you and me for a smooth transition between moments to memories:


1. Enjoy the present, learn to live in the current moment.


2. No matter how boring or undesirable a task may seem, hunt for the happening aspects and store them into your memory.


3. Give away the habit of complaining about the present.


4. Do not think too much about past or be lost in memories alone.


5. Do not involve into too much planning for the future.


6. Remember as this too, will pass; undesirable moments of today will transform into funny memories for tomorrow.


7. Be in the ‘live’ mode always and connect with people around.


8. Take pictures but post them later, talk to those around but share it over the virtual world later.


 9. Travel, explore, connect and collect as many memories as possible for walking over nostalgic lanes in the future.


10. Draw happiness from every moment, this way you can have lots of memories to think about later.


Let us to stick to this list and evaluate our performance, before we can think of some more additions. Your feedback and suggestions are definitely welcome!

Published by Lavanya