Does the thought of putting your work clothes on after the weekend bore you to tears?!  Here are some fresh ideas on how to liven up a corporate clothing set.

Costume jewellery is always a hit, have a go in matching hues, you can't go wrong if you stick to a colour theme.

As you can see, adding bright accessories can add a whole new dimension to an otherwise ho-hum look.  Now I'm sure jewellery such as this can't be against clothing regulations unless you are operating heavy equipment (and you would hardly be going corporate to do this).

Now here is a more subtle look, which I always rebelled against in the past.........but at my age I'm starting to get interested........though I still think I'm a bold colours gal.

Main thing is.......just make sure your accessories match, even just a little bit.  Your whole look has to 'make sense' or it won't look good.


Till next blog.....stay fabulous!

Suuze xx 

Published by Susan Crowe