Training has taken a new prospective in today’s world and moved beyond, from training just a new hire to sales people to leaders, corporate training has evolved rapidly in recent years. Corporate trainers or Learning & development professionals are now considered as strategic partners who are critically involved in success of any business.

The key reason behind these changes are market expansion, technological advancement and the major reason is; continuously upgrading market, because of which organizations suffers from a skill gap. So, it becomes important to train, retrain and jointly educate all employees including managers for consistent growth in the market.

How it works: Profits and Productivity

According to a survey, companies that offer comprehensive training programs have higher income per employee than companies without formalized training and enjoy higher profit margin than the companies spending less on trainings. Training is one of the most effective way to increase a company’s productivity.

As per statistic, increases in workforce education level were far more effective in increasing productivity than increasing the value of equipment. It is also advisable to spend on training and development even during economic downturns, it will help in boosting your employee’s morale and keep them motivated.

Retention: A major concern

Employee retention is vital in any organization and research shows that if an employee will not receive necessary training the chances of losing that employee increases and as per the data more than 40% of employees leave the company within one year of joining if they feel lack of training for the process they are handling.

Finding a good employee can be considered easy but retaining that good employee is more demanding and you should be more careful about your employee’s growth and development in order to take your company to a new limit. There are many surveys that shows, if an employee receives continuous job-related training and development opportunities, it motivates them to stay.

Training create Engagement at Work

If your company is facing challenges such as disengaged employees, then you should focus on corporate trainings. Develop credible training and development plans to engage employees, also you can outsource the trainings from the companies specialized in training and development.

As these firms are already taking care of various trainings for different organizations, they have experts that can help you better than in-house trainings, which will be more convenient.

Invest More in Training

Company should invest more in training to keep their employee motivated. Employees Love Training and it gives them the reason to stay with the organisation. The employee satisfaction also increases with the number of corporate trainings employees are exposed to.

Go for Online Course

According to the survey, online courses are in demand these days. They are equally effective while saving the travelling cost. Online learning systems such as e-learning programmes and training software’s are very helpful and effective in corporate trainings.

Very soon they will capture the market because businesses are now using the power of virtual reality, the internet to train their employees than wasting time and money in travelling.

How it helps an organization’s growth?

They help an organization more than in a single defined way, starting from employee satisfaction to motivation to employee retention and development while filling the skill gaps. With the increase in demand, now there are multiple ways you can attend these trainings, both formally and informally.

Self-paced learning, web-based trainings, MOOCs, mobile are all part of training tools. Updating employees’ skills and preparing them for career advancement not only provides you with a trained and more productive resources but also keep the employee engaged with their mission, vision and values.

Certain certificates are also part of these trainings, with the certification the career growth is viable, and the employees feel more confident which can also be helpful for their future promotions and development paths.

In today’s 21st century fast moving world dominated by coemption, corporate trainings are must to help close the ever-widening skill gaps that threatens employee ability to compete. Training companies are there to help you with the tools and expertise in training to help improve performance and close the skill gap.



Published by Kash Pals