Dear all the fans of cosmetics,

For those especially love to use Korean Skincare and Cosmetics product and preparing trip to South Korea. Here are my cosmetics (and more things) shopping tips while in South Korea:

1. If you're going to South Korea on May-July (Like me, at the end of May) while Korea having their summer season, most likely in Myeongdong Shopping Street where you will find lots of cosmetics store, THEY DO SUMMER SALE! With its crazy disc 50% and more!

2. Buy Etude products in package cheaper if you buy in duty free shop, at summer Etude will give you 50% disc with membership card

3. Buy The Face Shop products cheaper in Myeongdong street than in another store location and you can get tax refund note (which you can process the refund at the Incheon Airport)

4. Etude in Myeongdong can give you tax refund too, so don’t forget to ask about it in case the store person forget to ask you

5. The Face Shop near The Skin Food shop can give you tax refund (straight from Myeongdong main street and go right, TFS#6 Store), TFS in front of Myeongdong street (as the picture above) can’t give you tax refund

6. Beside Doota Mall is the cheap market, where you can buy clothing and snapback at price from 10.000 won (Grosir price), you need to buy more than 1 product

7. Buy cosmetics or skin care products in package, its cheaper than buy only 1 per product. For example: 1 bb cream with normal price, but buy 5 (same product/ of bb cream can save you more, about 30-50% cheaper from normal price

8. Don’t worry if you run out CASH either WON or USD, just use your VISA credit card especially BCA VISA (A local bank in Indonesia, Bca didn’t charge any bank fee), the convert rate is more cheaper. For example I exchange IDR to WON for 11,71/won, then I shopping in the gift shop while in Korea and VISA rate me with 11,73/won not a big difference I think. Just a slight higher rate  than normal rate at money changer

9. Buy Korean snacks at Lotte Mart across Myeongdong Main Street, its cheaper!

10. Myeongdong food street snacks are so yummy you must try it, especially cheesy pork sausage! #grinning #foodiemodeon

11. In Myeongdong street you will see some jewelry street seller, with its sign “1000 WON”, buy it, a very high quality product with cheap price. Not the corrosive type jewelry. Mine were still shining brightly even its already 2 years.

12. Korean Cosmetics shopping = Myeongdong Street #LOL

> Rumour has it, Etude membership card valid worldwide and in Korea too for higher discount and more sample gift  (Dunno if it was true or not, anyone know it?)
> One of Korean Air Stewardess I asked, using Missha M Perfect Cover BB cream, maybe you want to consider to trying Missha BB cream?

Happy prepare your shopping strategy because Myeongdong street’s so big and there are lots of cosmetics store and clothing and etc you need to look at! #bigsmile


Published by Tifani Zulfiana