Death often takes our closed ones away from us. Death of a dear one brings sorrow and grief paying respect to the dead is another story altogether. The departure of a dear one can weigh heavy on our heart while funeral costs can weigh heavy on our pockets. Moreover, sometimes the costs can be far more than what we can afford. Cremation and alternate burials are preferred by many people these days as the cost of cremation is much less than an elaborate funeral and can be a fairly respectable way to bid goodbye to the mortal remaining of the dead one. 

What Is Cremation?

Cremation refers to the process of burning the mortal body of the dead person in a way that it reduces down to ashes. The ashes and remaining of bones are referred to cremains that is then handed over to the family of the dead person. The cost of cremation greatly varies from one cremation house to the other. Cremation is widely accepted as a scientific and respectable way of the funeral. While most of the religions give permission of cremation certain religions may not completely agree with it. Different families have different ways to deal with the cremains and it depends purely on their family traditions. While some families bury the container or urns filled with ashes, others prefer emptying the urn in some water streams. In certain traditions, certain holy water bodies like rivers are designated for disposal of the cremains while some simply keep the urns with them as a memoir.

Factors Affecting Cremation Costs:

A complete burial may cost a great deal more than the cost of cremation.  The first and the foremost reason behind this is the cost of a coffin and the obituaries along with other burial related costs. Typically, if cremation is carried out by standard funeral homes the price ranges from 2000$ to 4000$. If cremation services are carried out by a standard crematory itself the price may come down to 1000$ to 3000$. The prices are inclusive of all expenses, carried out for funeral arranged through crematories. There are certain factors that determine the cost of cremation.

Here are those factors elaborated to help people understand how the prices are determined:

  • Place of cremation: The chief factor that is responsible for cremation cost fluctuation is the place of cremation itself. Some funeral homes in some cities may charge more than the others. The geographical location matters the most.
  • Cremation service providers and crematories: The cost of cremation greatly varies from one service provider to the other. It is because of this reason people should research and contact a cremation service provider who offers the lowest possible rates.
  • Paper works and transportation: The cremation of the dead body involves a lot of paper works including issuing death certificates, obtaining permissions from the authorities etc. These paper works come at their own costs. If the dead body is carried a long distance to be cremated the transportation costs add up with the cremation cost.
  • Price of urns: Most crematories will urge people to buy urns from them for keeping the ashes. But this is not mandatory. It is purely their choice. Any good container serves the same purpose as the urn. Some may even want to store the cremains in special containers. The cost of it is a part of cremation cost.
  • Caskets: In many cases, caskets are required even for cremating ceremonies purely for visiting the body by near and dear ones for paying their last respect. This adds additional cost to the total cost of cremation.

Thus, considering all these factors in mind and then arranging the cremation is the best way to pay respect to the departed soul.

Published by Jack Louis