So, are you looking for a stable and hefty income, just like most of the people do? Undoubtedly, the most competitive niche in the present is the taxi market. But, to excel in this field, a taxi booking mobile application development is a must. We all have witnessed how efficiently, a taxi booking mobile app, the Uber has evolved and revolutionized this particular sector. Similarly, many other businessmen have started working with the same strategy to make some significant bucks. So, do you wish to enter this huge taxi industry that is worth $100 Billion and is increasing too?

Why Build Fully Functional Taxi Booking Mobile App?

The main reason behind the hype of this industry is people living in big cities are not willing to own cars due to traffic jams. They prefer cabs as they do not have to worry about the parking spaces. So, Uber, Lyft or ZipCar and many more are on the great heights of success as the public is pleased with their reliable services. To make a powerful and worthy taxi booking App, one needs to study the trends in the industry in recent years. Undoubtedly, Uber is the main leader in this domain with a market value of about $72 Billion. And, it has completed more than 5 billion rides so far and is the most appreciated one in the taxi industry. So, you still stand a chance to get your share in this ever-growing market with a well-developed and on-demand taxi App.

Concerns and Aspects Pertaining To Cost of Building A Taxi Booking Mobile App


The main concern to get into the game is the investment i.e. the cost you have to spend as a business owner. The cost of the taxi app development is based on various factors while it is getting constructed. The main three factors are the number of platforms the app is built for, size and design of the App. Also, in some cases, the location of the development of the App causes a lot of impact on the overall cost. For instance- a US-based development company will charge around $50 to $250 per hour as compared to India as a location that charges not more than $100.

Let’s see how much time is consumed by each aspect of the development of Taxi booking mobile App

  • The majority of the time is required for the UI/UX design and putting up with the business logic.
  • On the second position, customer panel, admin dashboard and report of the system performance consume time.
  • The rest of the time is given to the designing, payment integration, profile settings, histories, locations & routes, and quality assurance.

So, the cost of an Advanced Taxi Booking Mobile App can be around $35000 and can rise to $95000 for specialized features. Also, be informed that, the basic taxi booking app can be built in as low as $8,000 to $15,000 too.

Some of the factors that increase the overall price of Taxi Booking Mobile App Development-


Most of the expenditure is done on the features. So, the more advancement you require, accordingly, you have to spend more. You can start with less tech-savviness in the beginning and eventually, with the success make more investment. (consider the example of the top player in the taxi industry- Uber). A second most important factor for the development is the time as most of the developer charges on an hourly basis. So, in this case, each phase takes its own time and based on that the price is determined. Rest, it is influenced by the bug-fixing and other things involved to make the best App possible.

Now, the main concern is what features can increase the cost of the overall development. So, here are some of the best features of a proper Taxi Booking Mobile App:

Most Taxi Apps possess these basic features for sure


  • The passenger panel should be built most effectively as there should not at all any hindrance for the customer to feel satisfied.
  • An easy to login or register interface and the home screen should welcome your very own client to the Application.
  • Secure and easy payment ways are the right of every customer as at the end of the day, this is what matters for your business.
  • Ride history will surely facilitate the customer and make him or her feel like they matter for your taxi services company.
  • Lastly, the core thing is to provide the rider the privilege to choose their convenient time to ride rather than making them select the available slots.

This will give the ultimate satisfaction to the customer with your services.

Few intriguing featured-features of mobile Taxi App


  • Give your users the benefit of splitting the bill, if two of them are traveling together. This will help them to pay their own fare rather than paying for all the seats available in the Taxi.
  • And, another thing that is exclusive for them would be the selection of the vehicle, they wish to ride in. As, sometimes, a small car is not sufficient for their items of luggage and they prefer to go for a big one.
  • Thirdly, provide your users with plenty of payment options to avoid last-minute hassles for the change.

Undoubtedly, these exclusive features will definitely allure your customers. However, it will, initially, increase your capital investment in the App development. So, choose these featured features as per your budget to avoid breaking your bank.

Must have unique features for your taxi app development to stand out


If your budget is flexible and you wish to give your customers the most unique experience, then you should opt for advanced specifications.

  • Give your travelers the most intriguing thing, which none other than the discounts. Those timely discount coupons will keep your customers loyal to you.
  • Also, there should be an option to provide them the negotiated prices and let them enter the rate they wish to pay.
  • The choice of the favorite driver will also be a win-win situation for your business as well as a customer. So, opting for such beneficial features will make your App renowned real quick.
  • Lastly, your App should not miss any chance to give your passenger the real-time reports and analytics for the ETA, distance in Km, etc. Just understand that this is only possible if you are going to opt for the high budget in terms of the development.

Cost to develop a fully functional taxi booking mobile app


Get the mobile Taxi App developed based on various concerns- Seriously, you need an App for your Taxi business to get your profit share. But, the investment you wish to make would vary as per your targeted audience, your App platform, and the size of the App.

Here, let us assume, the time taken to build a taxi booking app like Uber and Lyft on different platforms. Well, for an Android-based app, you will most probably take 400-500 hours. Besides, for the iOS platform, you will need almost 500 hours for developing a fully functional on-demand taxi booking app.

However, the mobile app development rates of developing an on-demand app can change according to the geographical regions too. U.S. companies charge around $70-$100 per hour on an average whereas Indian companies charge $20 per hour approximately.

Lastly, the main role play for the cost is played with the features you prefer your business App to have. More advanced features will surely ask for more capital. Thus, everything in the development is based on the decision you make in the same regard. Good luck!

Published by Mohsin Ahsan