Good morning on this winterly Sunday🙂

While its freezing outside, we enjoy a hot coffee on our couch. These days are perfect for relaxation and recharging your creativity!

But don’t think we are just sitting back, recharging for us means that we come up with great stuff for new blogposts🙂

The coffee we are having is winterly-inspired, for the recipe check below:



1 Espresso (approx. 30-40ml) -> We chose a Nespresso Ristretto

-> for a great crema you should go for a mixture of arabica and robusta beans

1/2 teaspoon of syrup of your choice – we chose some homemade white chocolate syrup

110 ml milk


  1. brew your espresso
  2. while brewing already start frothing your milk (Note: do not steam your milk for too long, as great froth can only be prepared up to 70° C)
  3. Pour milk and froth over your espresso and,
  4. top with your syrup
  5. Last but not least, enjooooy!

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xoxo Rosebay’s!

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