In 2018, quartz became the king of all countertops. It’s no surprise that the surface selection has not withered away as of yet, considering the material is super durable, non-porous, and it comes in a variety of colors and styles for the homeowner to choose from.

We’re not going to get into the details of the different countertops out there on the market in this article. Instead, we’re going to focus in on the quartz option, considering it has been proving its worth for quite some time now. We’ll talk about why it’s a trend, touching on the surfaces veining, optional finishes, and the super neutral colors that know how to make a statement. 

Let’s get started!

Veining for Your Quartz Countertop

Quartz is the way to go for your kitchen and bathroom countertops. But why?


During the construction of quartz, manufacturers create interesting patterns and swirls throughout each slab they work on. This gives each surface the ability to be unique but free of anomalies. 

When shopping for your quartz countertop, you’ll be able to select a specific veining pattern from an array of options, without having to narrow in on your selection. Some materials are made to look like marble, with a white or gray background and different veining options, to look rather dramatic. Other materials are made to look like granite, without the porous surface. 

While you’re browsing through your veining options, keep in mind that white is not the only background color you can choose. In fact, many black and gray stones have white veining and vice versa. The scale of options can be extensive when it comes to veining.

Finish Selection

Quartz countertops can be finished with polish to look shiny, sleek, and new; but that’s not the only option you can lean towards.

Honed and leather finishes are becoming more and more popular, especially with a material like quartz. 

Honed finishes provide a matte-like look to the countertop, with little to no shine at all. Of course, the result may vary, depending on the specific stone you choose, but a low sheen and smooth surface will always be present. The lack of shine even hides scratch marks more so than any other finish (even though scratches rarely happen on quartz surfaces).

Leather finishes provide a less glossy finish, but the surface does feel different to the touch. This option has become increasingly more popular over the years. Luckily, if you go this route, fingerprints and water spots will easily be concealed, if any become present at all.

Neutral Colors Are Big

The 2019 décor trends are in, and neutral is bigger than it’s been in a while. Instead of choosing a bright blue or a dull black, colors like light grey, white, and beige are flooding the minds of homeowners. Soft browns and light blues are starting to fit the bill, too. All of these options provide a sense of warmth to the kitchen in every household.

If you want to increase your spark in your already glamorous kitchen, pair your neutral countertop with white cabinets – this is another growing trend in 2019.

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Now that you know the quartz trends of 2019, it’s time to make your stylistic choice. Luckily, once you decide and install the surface, you won’t have to continue re-sealing the material year after year to protect it from outside substances, scratches, and more.

Head on down to your local distributor and check out the colors, patterns, and finishes you can choose from for your engineered stone countertop now! Have fun while you’re at it, we know we would.


Published by Mohaned Gadnne