So on twitter the personal post won by just 1%! So here we are a short and sweet personal post this time..

So hey guys you may know my cute ass boyfriend but you may not, todays post is a little introduction to him with some boyfriend tag questions, just a few, a short little post to start, he will be appearing on more of my blogs to come… lets begin!

What are your middle names?

Jaydyne – Kiara
Joe – doesn’t have one. (too cool for one)

How long have you been together?

5 years and 4 months

Who asked who out?

Joe asked Jaydyne (eventually!)

Whose siblings do you see the most?

Equal (our siblings are very busy haha)

Do you have any children together?

No (not yet jeeeez)

What about pets?

We did, they passed away. (we had two guinea-pigs together we bought them and there cage together it was very exciting)

Did you go to the same school?

Yes, (Kirton Middlecott, that is where we met)

Who is the most sensitive?

Jaydyne (i cry easily)

Where do you eat out most as a couple?

GoodBarns (we love going out for food)

Where is the furthest you two have travelled together as a couple?

Portugal! (our family holiday, every year, see previous posts for holiday blogs)

Who has the worst temper?

Joe (snappy snap snap, haha)

Who does the cooking?

Joe (this is bad i know i need to become more wife material)

Who is more social?


Who is the most stubborn?

Equal (we never give up, we both right always haha)

Who hogs the bed?

Jaydyne (and my big ass)

Who wakes up earlier?


Where was your first date?

Joes House (very cute)

Who has the bigger family?

JOE (of course he is one of 9!)

Do you get flowers often?

NO (i would like some though, hint hint, then again i would rather have some food)

How long did it take to get serious?

Little Time (we were very happy straight away)

Who does the laundry?

Our Parents (thank goodness, we still at home hehe)

Who’s better with the computer?

Jaydyne (I’m always doing joes computer work)

Who drives when you are together?

Joe (i can not drive yet, I’m too scared)

Who picks where you go out for dinner?

Jaydyne (i love ma food)

Who is the first one to admit when they’re wrong?

Jaydyne (always honest)

Who wears the pants in the relationship?


Who has more tattoos?

Jaydyne has the most with 6. But joe has just got one matching Jaydyne a moon, (love to the moon and back) and he has some planned. 

Who eats more sweets?

Jaydyne (greedy i am)

Who cries most?

Jaydyne (most films I’m crying at within 2 minutes)
you shall be seeing and hearing more of Joe in posts to come!
       thanks for reading, much love J x

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