Fear is a strange thing. It's a feeling that no one ever really wants to feel, it’s the seizing of your veins, the loud drums of your heart all mashed together in an orchestra of chaos. It’s the moment where in some cases your bravery falls into a brutal test.

What is bravery?

 All my life people have read me stories and made me watch movies where heroes saved the day and brought the villain down and every time it seemed that fear did not exist in their dictionary. But to me, bravery, courage, is when you fight the fear head on. It doesn’t mean that fear doesn’t exist. It means that even with fear you keep pushing, keep doing despite the consequences or risks you think you will face. You accept the fear and become one with it. A hero once told me “courage is not the absence of fear”. We are all brave; sometimes running away is hard and sometimes fighting is easy. It choices, circumstances, ideas. It’s different.  In these days, honour seems to have lost its importance. It’s a lost idea, a Latin phrase that people don’t really understand and bravery is no longer described as a courageous knight fighting a war or a farm boy killing a dragon. No, bravery has evolved, for better or for worse.

These days there are no knights like King Arthur or ferocious dragons to face. That’s not to dispute that there are no people fighting. There are still people fighting wars or police men/ women erasing crime but to the majority, these days the fear lies in facing ourselves, in telling the truth. Fear and bravery lie in a boy telling his conservative homophobic parents that he is gay. These days’ bravery and fear lie in the school girl fighting for education. These days’ bravery and fear lie in the women asking for a voice. These days’ bravery and fear lie in us, the new generation fighting for a better world not poverty stricken or homophobic or racist. But peaceful.

Bravery and fear have evolved. Dragons don’t exist but racism and inequality do and it’s up to us; the new generation, the old, everyone to fight for a better world and to fight the fear and be courageous.

So, are you ready? 

Published by Summer Daniels