Court reporting is an essential service within the justice system. Court reporters are considered to be a necessity and highly useful aspect of the judicial system. Without their services, it would be difficult to review or conduct cases.


Court reporters need to be able record the things that are said in court with a high level of accuracy. This is among the components of court reporting that make the job challenging. Accuracy is necessary for courts to easily look into cases and make decisions regarding whether legal wrongdoings occurred during trials. Accuracy also makes it simpler for judges to study that cases that have set a precedent for future cases.


Court reporters are responsible for transcribing things for lawyers. This is a task that can give attorneys time to go through evidence or fight a case. These are the types of services that heighten the value of a court reporter.


There are times when court reporters translate a transcription, evidence or case into another language. This can arise from different reasons and is a task that many reporters undertake. This is why it is important for court reporters to be proficient in a different language or bilingual. 


Litigation goes beyond the trail in both civil and criminal cases. The actual court trial is a conclusion of weeks and months of preparation to provide the required support for the allegations of prosecutors and defenders or claims of plaintiffs. This forms the basis of a court reporter service.


Witness accounts and case law are crucial aspects of investigations. Precedent or case law is the principle or rule that is established by courts during past trials within legal systems that have not been debunked or challenged. Court reporters document such rulings as transcripts of proceedings and make them available to attorneys in order or them to be used as the foundation of their motions or arguments.

On the other hand, depositions refer to verbatim transcripts of declarations, interviews and statements by relevant people that pertain to a specific case taken outside the courtroom and are presented during the trial. A court reporter records these depositions without being supervised by the judge and are used as evidence.

Training and Skills

Due to the importance of their duties and responsibilities, court reporters are extensively trained to ensure they maintain certain skills like typing speeds and do their job properly. They are duly licensed by the state and are required to be notaries public in some states to get certification from the courts.


Court reporting services provide transcripts and vital documents that are used in various legal proceedings that range from issues of child support to person injury and crimes. Whether the aim of the trial is to determine the best interests of the child in a divorce or prove guilt, court reporting is essential for providing the material that helps a qualified attorney establish a case that can stand in court.  Court reporters are worthwhile resources for law firms as keepers of the record and during the entire litigation process.


Published by Lucy Jones