Yuusssssssss. I approve 100%

Although I do not approve that I have to wait another 216 days before I get to read it! I mean c'mon I didn't mean to, but I flew through those first two books with no regrets...until I realized how long I had to wait. Will I ever learn? Nope.

Anyways, this cover. Sticks to the theme but what it says! jeremy-renner

The title gets me every. Single. Time. And it will continue to the. All of the foreshadowing and possibilities just in those two words. Presented beautifully with red and silver blood. That's what I'm talking about. All will burn. Definitely a happy cover reveal just for those words. And I will go drown my not being able to read this book yet out in other books now.

Side note: Sorry this took so long to get to, I'm aware it came out much earlier in the week, summer kicked my feet out from under me and suddenly the cover was released.

Published by Shayla Rose