Evening Guys! now I’ve never been a great fan off cooking its always been my mothers job in our house haha… now my mother is a personal trainer and nutritionist anyway, so our meals are always so beautiful and healthy, but since I’ve got older and more interested I’ve start doing some of my own cooking and recipes and sometimes its just good practice for when i eventually do move out! most of my cooking is through a device called the Thermomix . (all the pictures below are my own, facts below about the thermomix have been taken from its manual and book, and the opinions below are all my own for you to read and take in account when making your own judgements on the thermomix.)

The Thermomix is basically an amazing, unique food processor, i have so much fun with it. it helps me make things from salads, soups, pasta, rice, meat, fish, baking, sauces, dips, bread, cakes, and drinks. items can be hot or cold and made so quickly and made healthy too! the processor does come with a cook book guide and a matching electronic chip which attaches to the machines with it all programmes and recipes on it. it is a touch screen machine and very quick and easy to use and clean also. i have so much fun with it i can begin to explain!
here are a few of my meals below :-

  • salted caramel protein porridge oats topped with raspberries choc shot, and dates.
  • chocolate porridge oats topped with cinnamon, raspberries, choc shot, and soreen malt loaf.
  • salted caramel protein pancakes with oats, and then toppings, then cooked on hob.
  • protein milkshake, with ice and chocolate.
  • steamed prawns and chopped veg
  • red pepper and onion cous cous
  • chopped veggie salads with steamed chicken

There are many recipe books you can purchase with thermomix, you can cook multiple dishes, you can clean in the dishwasher, you can  use it to – stir, weigh, mix, emulsify, whip, chop, track time, cook, blend, grill, and knead all in the one bowl of the thermomix! Thermomix takes away a lot of hard work and the need for so many items of equipment in the kitchen. The thermomix can be connected to an account online and to an app to help gain more recipes, also to join the thermomix community and keep track of your weekly planning of meals and even create a food shopping list too!


the thermomix is a fantastic invention i have tried to show so many people the fascinating piece of equipment! please follow this link for more information – thermomix.vorwerk.co.uk
or please feel free to contact, comment to message to me any questions you may have! they are worth looking into, a great investment into quick, healthy, cooking!

Happy Cooking!
Much Love J

Published by Jaydyne Overton