Adventuring in China

16 day, miles and miles of driving, six pandas, and one three-some. 

This is my China tripped summarized in twelve words. First before any conclusions are made, it was not my three-some, but it was on my bed. 

This summer I traveled to China to do service at a panda reserve and explore the villages of the Sichuan province. My trip started off with cleaning panda poo. Well, that is not all we did. We fed pandas, cleaned their enclosures, and scooped poop. We spent four days in the hot sun, sweating in our vibrant green volunteer shirts.  Each day we walked to a near by restaurant and hotel. We always ordered the same food. And each day they decapitated a chicken behind the tree. We all squeezed our eyes closed as they removed the feathers. We learned from our guide that natives want proof that their food is fresh. So fresh..... it is killed right in front of them. 

After our week of service we started our road trip heading south. While sitting in a bus for nine hours a day is not idea, it was anything but boring. The roads where on cliff sides and full of turns. Our tour bus that was the size of a large mobile home  had to honk each time it rounded a corner, giving a warning of our presence. Even with the cleaver tactic we crashed... twice. No major injures took place, but me and my stuff were slung out of the seat and onto the floor.  The bus was too damaged to continue, so we walked the rest of the way ( it was only about 30 minutes). 

We stayed in rural China for three nights, before heading back to Chengdu and flying back to Shanghai. 

The last night in Shanghai was one of the weirdest nights of my life. What classifies a night as weird? You tell me. But I am sure you would all agree that sitting in the hallway at 3 a.m while a three some takes place in your hotel room, is a weird night. All I can say was that I was happy to be getting on a flight back to Los Angeles the next morning. 

It was a trip that I truly could not forget, even the parts I want to. 

Published by logan simons