It's the purity of love and concern oozing out of you at any one given time that manifests a life force of courage and motivation towards everyone and everything around you.

Your generosity releases a miracle of change in someone and everybody else in all possible ways you least expect it to . A gentle tongue brings healing to the hearts of the hurt. You need to know that there are miracles in you, within you, within us and about and around us that we haven't even begun to claim not to mention waiting to happen. Some people just need to know that you believe in them, that you forgive them, that you will be there no matter what. They need that sincerity  of assurance from someone. That even which they don't know they need. Most times people just don't know so give it to them selflessly.

I let someone down once. I broke their trust so bad they reminded me. The sound of that  person's confession haunts me in my dreams and reminds me daily how much better i need to be, how much more i need to strive, how longer i need to stay up working on myself. After all consoling is what am called.


MUHUMUZA means a consoler in native translation and Pius means holy. Ooh yes, "pious" is the word to be precise. Sometimes we need to appreciate the effort our parents put in giving us names when they do actually give us good names because some people out there hate their names so bad they forget how to spell them.

Being told i had let someone down has been the most painful thing I've had to endure in my 26yrs of existence. Oh am adding a couple of more digits to that this weekend. Super excited!

But also looking forward to my new goal.

When i made 25yrs i set myself goals and achieved them. When i made 26yrs i wasted away 2/4 of that achievement and now i shall have to reclaim it plus my new set goals in the pipeline.

The quality of my life and everyone else's existence is to walk the harsh circumstances of life and be the light those in the darkest realities of need see when they are looking out for hope.

Give someone a reason to hold onto hope. It's a given, your gift from God to give unto others.Save somebody's life. one of the many reasons i joined rotary was and is to be a beacon of light, console, love, hope, and justice to those around me, those I've made acquaintances with, family, workmates but most importantly those in most need of his help above and from us.

Therefore let us remember to always be mindful of the needs and concerns of others and ever thankful for the grace poured unto us by the Lord almighty as we walk the path of righteousness.

Get all the graces you can accumulate but always remember to share them selflessly as well.

Published by SilentWhisperinG (PIUSMNWILSON)