So I decided to use this weird, awkward desk space in my place that I had previously just been using to throw things on and store my messes into a dedicated home office/blogging station! I’m super excited that I’m putting this space to use to increase productivity in my life, and love doing simple little projects like this that are quick, easy, and make all the difference!

Before (/during, because I forgot to take an actual before picture):


After (still not finished, this is an ongoing, work-in-progress):


All I did was apply some of this marble-look self-adhesive vinyl counter top peel I got off of Amazon for $20 to the countertop, pick up a some candles, lamp, and decorations from Target & Ross, and we were good to go!

Now that I’ve got a whole new home-work space set up for myself to buckle-down and get serious (and consistent) about blogging; what do you guys want to see? Are there any topics you want my two cents on? Let me know by either posting a comment below, or submitting an online inquiry to me here via my contact page!


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