Natural Beauty Mood board - 

Despite the term ‘natural beauty’ being used often, I struggled to be able to represent it in a collection of clothing. My initial ideas varied from highlighting the natural beauty in all of us, from trying to represent the natural world in a glorified way. After deciding on a deep pink, red and golden theme of colour (which I would definitely recommend if aiming for a warm yet summery trend), finding interesting yet natural plants to abide by this colour was not hard. One flower I particularly focused on was the rose, I was inspired by the elegant and delicate layering of petals and the romantic and free lifestyle it represented. Another idea that particular captured me was the idea of actual flowers on items of clothing, which really emphasises the significance of being at one with nature and the peacefulness it entails.

Firstly, whilst creating a mood board for this particular genre of clothing, I focused on the more flowy, loose and simpler items of clothing.  Fabrics that I considered using consisted of chiffon fabric or taffeta fabric (which can create an almost rippling or water effect). Both of these would create a light and malleable texture a lot like a petal. Spirals and circles entered my mood board frequently, with the idea of whole flowers visible on clothing still appealing to me. One artist who really inspired me when creating my mood board was Grace Ciao from Singapore ( who used real flowers and petals when illustrating her ideas as shown in the picture. After expanding the idea of natural beauty within the colours pink, gold and red, I finally concluded with a mood board consisting of potential ideas for my summer collection.

If you are trying to make a mood board consisting of your ideas I would first suggest

  • Picking a theme, colour or texture you wish to include in your work
  • Research artists that have also used this theme in their work for ideas
  • Get together a large collection of pictures that inspire you within the theme
  • Think about the possible fabrics you could use to achieve the full effect of your theme
  • Place all pictures and ideas together online or even on paper (grouping them when necessary)





Published by Emily Boyd