I found this beautiful painting of Mount Fuji in the attic after my grandmother passed.  It had been neatly rolled up and stored away.  I had never seen it before.  It was a gift from her brother.  There were many things that I found that I had never seen before.  Pretty plates, bowls, glasses, clothes. Even gift boxes of perfume and bath oils.  All kinds of lovely things.

   All of the things she considered "fine" were always put away.  I know she was raised that way.  To only get the finer things out for special celebrations.  But I have to admit, finding all of the finery, I felt sad for her.  I wondered why there were so many things my grandmother saved instead of enjoyed.

I approach life differently.  I believe every single day is special.  All days are worthy of our best things.  Especially moments most people consider "ordinary."  We eat meals every day - we can make them special occasions.  It is up to us.  Creating celebrations is a choice.  Celebrating our moments - "ordinary" moments included, is a choice.

Let's make every single day a special occasion.  Let's get out the good stuff.  Let's treat ourselves and those around us with special loving care.  And celebrate each moment of each day.


Photo credit: Dyan Diamond

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