Derived from a Sanskrit word meaning Circle, Mandala is a hallowed diagram which is generally round in shape. It is a meditation symbol which represents the cosmos and the energy which exists in it. Mandalas are widely used in the Eastern and Native American area as a medicine for curing illness related to your body, soul, and spirit.

Mandala has a special meditative reflection which brings out the internal light of the soul. It leads to awareness and awakening of your inner self, triggers the secret powers of the mind and opens up the chakra of your heart to the therapeutic power of absolute love.

The Process Of Using Colouring And Making Mandalas Is Quite Simple

As it is a form of meditation, you are required to keep your internal dialogue aside while you produce different figures on the page or while you color the pre-made figures like elephant mandala. You need to gather the serenity and calmness which the process so meditation requires. While meditating, you should be able to sit in correct posture for several hours and try to discharge your running psyche and attain perfect calmness.

Meditating On A Mandala Can Help In You In Several Ways

If you are concentrating on the heart of the mandala, it is likely that the person will get absorbed into the circle and try discovering the center with all the focus and a calm head. Using these mandalas proves as a great way to begin with the process of healing and introspection and gaining peace of mind and heart.

Mandalas are a great way which is used to unlock the secret powers which your mind owns. Concentrating on the bright colours helps your mind to gain the power to break yourself free from the beliefs which cause self-defeat and inculcate fresh energy to solve things. A little investment of time can help you to gain the zeal and positivity which would help you to balance life into a harmonious vibration. Concentrating over mandalas help you in attaining control over the thoughts and emotions.

How To Meditate On A Mandala?

Before making up your mind to sit for the task of preparing a personal mandala, you need to ensure that you find yourself a place with compete for silence and privacy. Such an atmosphere is necessary so that you can allow yourself to feel relaxed and clear up the channels of your mind so that ideas pour out. Having a calm and peaceful surrounding will help your ideas to manifest as an imaginative paradigm and get canvassed.

It should be kept in mind that the mandala basically does not any artistic value. The meditative insights which an individual gets when meditating in a calm atmosphere are what matters. The insights and the visions which the person gets and draws on the canvas reflects the state of the person’s life and state of mind. By making a mandala, the person attains a different experience which gives them a new perspective towards life and its problems.

According To Researches, Creating Mandala Has Resulted In 95% Happier And Positive Souls

It is because the visions you come across while making them leave behind an impactful effect. It provides you with fresh energy and positive vibes to deal with life and gain a solution to all sorts of problems in it.

Trippy Mandala states that it does not actually matter how quickly you drew or coloured the mantra. What matters more is what kind of thoughts and revelations you received while doing the task. Making Mantras help in making your will power much stronger and leading a much happy and stress-free life.


Published by Mohsin Ahsan