Creative Arc Consciousness - A Leap of Faith
OsuMarassa Consciousness (Creative Arc Consciousness), in essence, is a tool that helps people take a leap into the next level of consciousness and self-recreation.
In layman terms, OsuMarassa literally means Rainbow Serpent Doubled or Multiplied. It represents the leap of faith we are all called to take when two or more ARC or bridges of conscious travel are presented in our lives. To understand what this is and why this is important, first understand each arc or rainbow has several levels of consciousness within it.
Your way of being is one arc or rainbow. That way of being or living is represented by:
• red –physical body controls, survival, meeting basic needs
• orange –creativity, motherhood, nurturing and birthing new ideas
• yellow – emotional control and personal power
• green – courage, growth, forgiveness, going with the flow
• blue – communication, intelligent expression, divine speech
• indigo – intuition, unconditional love, compassion, enlightenment
• violet – divine consciousness, spiritual enlightenment, joy, connection with our inner divinity, transcendence, moving into next spiritual ladder
When we've move through one rainbow and completed that journey, we are presented with a double rainbow or another ARC to travel. To get to the other rainbow, we must jump. We cannot walk or fly. We have to jump into the unknown figuratively of course.
Unfortunately, some of us become stuck when the second rainbow shows up. We don't want to leave behind the old ways. We don't want to shed our old skins.
This is when a wayshower or wisdom keeper or wisewoman or shaman, shows up in your life.
The wayshower doesn't have YOUR map, he/she has a map based on wisdom from the ages, personal experience, and knowledge. This "generic" map is there to help you figure out your own journey. Your journey is as unique as you are.
Unfortunately, so many will stand still frozen scared, some of you run back and repeat the same cycle you are being led to move through, and others will try and fight instead of taking the leap. Others will try and fight the wayshower which is never a good idea.
You are at this junction to take a leap. Only a very small number of you will do this and that is the way it is met to be. Most have to "practice" getting the nerve to jump.
It is a LEAP into the unknown and it takes courage, vision, and sometimes it takes being fed up with the way things are to take your next leap. OsuMarassa Consciousness is a Creative Arc Consciousness, or an invisible bridge of knowledge that will support you from one arc to another. Where you go beyond that will be up to you! But you will never be the same.
*OsuMarassa Consciousness is a Afro-spiritual course and lineage.
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Published by Irmina Tutu