Cakes form an essential part of any celebration so much so that they have become a quintessential part of celebrations. The cake cutting ceremony is a must not only on Birthdays but also on Anniversaries and other special occasions. Cakes were earlier simply associated with Birthdays, but these days one can relish on cakes even on simple occasions or regular days.

If you need to send a special cake on any special day of your loved one or friends, then Best cakes in Karachi can be bought and delivered with the help of online shops. If you are into baking, then you can also opt for a handmade cake that will be a sweet gesture from you to your loved one.

Here are few amazing cake ideas which you can bake at home with simple ingredients.

  • Chocolate cake

One of the conventional cakes, the Chocolate cake is the much-loved cake by everyone. This is pretty simple to make with the help of some dark or white chocolate along with refined flour, baking powder, butter, eggs, and sugar. You can also innovate a little by using chocolate powder or cocoa powder if you wish to replace the chocolate.

  • Fruitcake

Fruit cake is a yummy cake which is loved by all. It is loaded with oodles of cream and fresh fruits like cherries, mango, apple, kiwi, grapes or banana, or any other fruit that you love.

  • Fruit & Nuts Cake

The fruit and nuts cakes are very delicious cakes that can be baked in no time. All you need is a handful of various dry fruits and nuts like cashew, almond, walnut, raisin and fresh fruits like apple and banana. This is a great snack option for evenings with Tea.

  • Dates & Nuts Cake

The date and nuts cake is again a delicious yet easy recipe for baking a yummy cake at home. Take various dry fruits like cashew, almond, raisin, walnut and plums in ample amount along with seedless dates. Add them to the batter of a simple vanilla or cocoa cake.

  • Banana Cake

The Banana cake is the simplest of all and needs the least ingredients of all. The banana cake can make for a great snack for breakfast, brunch or Hi-Tea in the evening. Peel some banana and mix with cake batter. Sprinkle some nuts and bake.

  • Vanilla Cake

The vanilla cake is all about the flavor. Prepare the batter for a plain cake and mix vanilla essence. If you wish to enhance the flavor while serving, add a dash of vanilla ice crème layer on top!

  • Fondant Cakes

These cakes are creative cakes. On the inside, you can take a plain vanilla or chocolate cake and cover with colored fondant and edible decor items.

  • Oreo Cake

The oreo cake is one the most trending cakes presently, especially loved by kids and teens. The chocolate cake is further adorned with oreo biscuits or crunch for a yummy taste.

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Published by sandeep Malik