Creativity is the driving force behind everything that we do, without it we’d have nothing.

Architecture is a art form that is driven by creativity, without it we would have no shelter.

The art of good food that we all love and enjoy is driven by creativity, without it and without those daring enough to try something new, how would we know that peppers taste really good when cooked with pasta or that garlic breathes flavour and depth into most dishes?

The entertainment we tune in to watch every night has a mass of creators, all of which have a creative flare that brings something new to their work and makes so many off us fall in love with their characters night after night.

Behind every lover of fashion or makeup artistry is a burning sense of creativity turning our everyday lives into something that is vibrant and diverse, something that encompasses the whole idea of expression.

True love is driven by creativity, the inspiration and deep seeded passion to do something for the person that holds our heart in theirs.

The machinery on which we rely upon on a daily basis like cars or mass production plants, all stem from creativity for each machine is designed and produced by someone who holds innovation in every fibre of their being.

Therefore, if everything we rely upon stems from creativity why is it that so many of us hide our imaginative dreams away?

Express them.

Don’t let anyone tell you you’re weird, stupid or a ‘wannabe’ for  pouring your creativity into an outlet you feel worthy of.

After all this whole article you’ve just read stemmed from creativity, something I’m glad to have shared with you. 


Published by Rosie Rouell