Because who doesn't love being creeped out at Christmas!

Darkness Prevails has a list of hikers, including how the sighting of a pair of bare feet standing outside their tent caused a group of campers to move before their site was enveloped in a flood that would have killed them. Other stories include everything from mountain lions to fairies.

Lazy Masquerade’s video of unsolved mysteries has some creepy stories, none more disturbing than the first, where an unknown man not only stalked a woman before abducting her, but continued to harass her family for years afterwards.

But perhaps even more disturbing is the story of the Hinterkaifeck murders. Nuke’s Top 5 takes a look at this German story, which begins with a maid leaving her job at a farmhouse, convinced that it is haunted.  Footsteps in the snow and strange noises in the house soon follow.  Then people in town notice the family hasn’t appeared for a while, and their search leads them to the murdered bodies of the family.  The case, which sounds like a horror movie more than a true crime, remains unsolved.

Top 5 Unknowns has some unsolved paranormal mysteries, including an apparently haunted room at Ohio State University. There is also a story of a three-eyed man in South Carolina, and a possible story of reincarnation.

Urmaker presents two allegedly true tales of creepy strangers. First, we have a person just trying to get home while being accosted by a mysterious man driving a van.  Things get even closer to home in the next story, where a predatory man appears in the narrator’s neighborhood, and then appears to actually have access to their house.

The Scarecast offers six creepy stories, including stalkers and strange men approaching a house. Things then get ratcheted up with stories of people actually getting into the narrator’s home or car. has a list of fifty haunted places around the world. Some selections are hardly surprising, such as Japan’s suicide forest or the Stanley Hotel, inspiiration of The Shining.  Lizzie Borden’s house also gets a mention.  But many locations will likely be completely unknown to all but the most dedicated ghost hunter.

If tales of travelling between dimensions, a la Sliders, are your thing, Listverse has ten true tales to tickle your fancy. There are a couple of well-known ones, including one that I believe has been proven to be a hoax (guy claims to be from a parallel universe where The Beatles never broke up), with the most famous probably being the story of a man who arrived at a Tokyo airport and was quite surprised that no one had heard of Taured, his country of origin.  He was put in a hotel room while the authorities tried to figure out what to do with him. Only to disappear without a trace.

Finally, we come full circle back to hikers, and one of the most infamous incidents involving them, the Dyllatov Pass incident, wherein a group of trained explorers inexplicably fled their tent into the cold, while hardly dressed for the elements. They all died, and the investigation was controversial at best. Trout Nation takes a look at a book about the mysterious case.

Published by Andrew Clendening