A couple months ago we saw the release of Lights Out, directed by David F Sandberg.  As many of you may already know, the movie was based on Sandberg’s 2013 short film of the same name.

Youtuber Deburke321 noted the video in a post looking at ten creepy internet videos, and was inspired to create two videos looking at the scariest short films ever created.  Perhaps one of the films he cited will be the next big horror film?

The first video includes an adaptation of a supposedly true story about meeting a crazy man while walking late at night, as well as an adaptation of a reddit two sentence horror story.  There is also Cam Closer, also by David F Sandberg, about a mysteriously powerful camera, and a movie about a girl getting a call from the boyfriend who’s supposed to be in bed next to her.  The top film on the list, called Don’t Move, could be the plot of Ouija 3, assuming Ouija 2 does well enough to justify another film.

The second video starts off with a film from the perspective of a cop’s body camera, and then moves on to a woman hearing whispers while home alone.  The video also includes the short film Mama which, like Lights Out, was expanded into a full-length film.  The top film of this list is 3 Versos, wherein two sisters visit an exorcist.

Published by Andrew Clendening